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Every day, the troops of Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin (69) commit crimes in Ukraine that violate international law.

The most brutal examples: the massacres in the suburbs of kyiv BuchaBorodyanka and Irpin.

What Putin intends to do with Ukrainian prisoners of war seems to go in the same cruel direction: according to the Russian non-governmental organization “Gulagu.netThe Kremlin plans to march more than 500 POWs through Moscow’s Red Square in the annual May 9 (“Victory Day”) parade.

Rehearsals for this year's military parade on May 9 (Foto: Getty Images

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Rehearsals for this year’s military parade on May 9 (“Victory Day”). According to Kremlin plans, prisoners of war are also to march there this yearPhoto: Getty Images

Putin’s treacherous goal: This public display is intended to be “held in front of a shocked public and under video recording, to demonstrate the strength and superiority of the Russian military and to suppress the will of the Ukrainians”.

On May 9, Russia celebrates victory over the National Socialists. Since the beginning of the bloody attack on the neighboring country, there have been fears that the Kremlin dictator, Putin, wants to present a victory over Ukraine on this national holiday.

In order to facilitate Putin’s absurd parade of prisoners of war, employees of the Federal Penitentiary Service (FSIN) and units of the internal intelligence service FSB were assigned to carry out “operational work” with Ukrainian prisoners.

► The people most active in resisting the degrading treatment inflicted by prison staff are isolated in a disciplinary cell and then receive “special treatment”. What exactly happened there is not known.

BUT: The “Saturn Command” of the FSIN (OSN) is also in action, which was already involved in the first and second Chechen wars and is also known as the “Prison Spetsnaz”. Spetsnaz units in Russia generally refer to the brutal special unit of the GRU military intelligence service.

A bailiff from the “Saturn Command” (OSN) of the FSINFoto: OSN „Saturn“ Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia in Moscow

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A bailiff from the “Saturn Command” (OSN) of the FSINPhoto: OSN “Saturn” Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia in Moscow

The final decision on whether to go ahead with this macabre plan – rounding up the POWs in Red Square – must be made by May 6, three days before the military parade.

Meanwhile, in the prison camps, captured Ukrainians are dragged by masked NSO units, they have to march and their will is systematically repressed, a source told In addition, investigators of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation (ICR) conduct mass interrogations.

► And: the POWs are prepared for something that puts Putin’s war and post-war plans in a particularly absurd light.

Test shows planned in Russia

The Kremlin tyrant is preparing “the biggest trial in the history of Russia and the post-Soviet space”. In the building of the general prosecutor’s office, preparations are already underway for a rehearsal of the “Nuremberg trials” in the truest sense of the word.

► According to the “” informant, the prosecutors are studying the characteristics and particularities of the “Nuremberg trials”. “To make the new court as spectacular, historic and confidence-inspiring as possible for the man in the street,” the report continues.

In line with the Kremlin’s assertion that Ukraine would fight a Nazi government, there are apparently plans to hold a big show trial. The comparison with the Nuremberg trials has already been propagated in Moscow.

Background: The Nuremberg Trials include the trial against the main National Socialist war criminals (including Hermann Göring) before the International Military Tribunal and twelve other so-called Nuremberg follow-up trials before a US national military tribunal, which took place after the Second World War. War in the Palace of Justice in Nuremberg between November 20, 1945 and November 20, 1945 on April 14, 1949 against the main representatives of the German Reich.

Completely lost: The Kremlin’s argument that Russia is fighting the Nazis in Ukraine is absurd, not least because of President Volodymyr Zelensky’s Jewish origins (44). And this shows that Putin simply had to invent a pretext to invade the neighboring country.

Meanwhile, Russia’s international partners in the CSTO (Collective Security Treaty Organization; ex-Soviet equivalent of NATO) seem in no rush to support Russia’s human rights abuses . So far, no member state wants to participate in the processes planned by Putin.

The slightest glimmer of hope for Ukrainian prisoners of war: according to “”, not all prison camp employees are ready to participate in the Kremlin farce. Some guards have already filed a complaint, withdraw or are transferred.

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