Rumor mill with 20% fewer shaders

from Andrew Link
Recently shader numbers for the Radeon RX 7000 have been doing the rounds, more specifically for Navi 31 through 33. Now there are new numbers that say 20% fewer units for Navi 31. conversation.

For the Geforce RTX 4000, chip data was already rumored and now the Radeon RX 7000 heads are following suit. Initially, three models of RDNA 3 are expected to be released in a staggered fashion – Navi 31, 32, and 33. Navi 31 and 32 are expected to be a multi-chip design, while Navi 33 is expected to be monolithic. For all three, there were already statements about the shader configuration, which were 15360, 10240, and 5120. The new statements are as follows:

  • Navi 31: 12,288 SP, 48 WGP, 12 SA, 6 SE
  • Navi 32: 8192 SP, 32 WGP, 8 SA, 4 SE
  • Navi 33: 4096 SP, 16 WGP, 4 SA, 2 SE

This is slightly below what was communicated these days. It could be that the actual numbers are given here, whereas recently there has been talk of maximum expansion. As always, this goes to show not to take all rumors too seriously, because somewhere something is not quite right. In particular, if you look at Navi 31, there is a 20% difference on paper between Redfire’s information and previous information from Greymon55, among others. Where everyone agrees is the structure – in both rumors Navi 31 has twice three shader engines, each with two arrays and five working groups each, just with a different number of units of execution. How this happens is up for debate.

AMD Radeon RX 7000: Turn-of-the-year release rumors and speculated tech status

If you pull out the calculator and assume that the 15,360 was good for the also assumed 92 teraflops at 3 GHz, there would still be 73 teraflops left. But here one can speculate. One possibility is that the smaller values ​​are non-XT models. But a difference of 20% would be respectable. At the end of the day, you should always keep an eye on what Nvidia is doing because that’s the main competition you’re up against. Even if you exclude their top model, you’re at least against the Geforce RTX 4080, which is said to have 10,752 according to the latest status. A Navi 31 card (probably the RX 7900/XT) would then work better in this area.

Source: Twitter (@Red fire, @3DCenter, @Greymon55)

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