Red Dead Online: 4x RDO$ in standard races and more – the new May promotions

During the new month of May, Rockstar Games is offering all kinds of promotions for all Red Dead Online players. We give you an overview of all featured series and more.

In the new month of May, Rockstar Games is offering additional rewards for the fastest racers in Red Dead Online, who can earn big bonuses in standard, open, and objective races this week. Until May 9, there’s a whopping 4x RDO$ in Standard Races, 3x Gold for Open Races, and 5x XP in Target Races before the next Featured Series follows. Below is an overview of all the series presented in May:

May 3 – May 9: Race Series

  • 4x RDO$ in standard races, 3x gold in open races, and 5x XP in targeted races
  • Offer 40% off Aspiring or Aspiring Bounty Hunter Role Item for completing any Bounty Hunter Mission
  • Completing Horse Trade will net you a 50% offer on the fast travel station for the camp

May 10 – May 16: Open target racing and overtaking

  • A 40% discount on an Aspiring or Aspiring Collector Role Item for any Level 10 Collector
  • Win two rounds in the featured series of the week and earn a bonus of RDO$100

May 17 – May 23: races and shootouts

  • The Yeehaw! for completing 10 daily challenges
  • Complete two Vendor Sell Missions and receive a Citadel Rock Treasure Map

May 24 – May 30: Selected races

  • Play with your permanent squad and earn the respectful bow emote
  • Earn a select color variant of the Levens Weapon Belt when you destroy 3 official tax roadblocks

May 31 – June 6: Target Race and Capture Mode

  • Runners who finish in the top three in any race this week will receive a selected color variant of the Vaquero Baroque Spurs
  • If you buy a brochure this week, you will be rewarded with a bonus of RDO$150

In addition to the featured series, there are also the following other promotions in May:

  • Free Community Outfitcomposed of these pieces of clothing: the player hat, the black Clymene coat or the black Hartman jacket, the white cozy shirt-blouse or the white everyday shirt, the bandito pants, the worn rodeo boots, the gun belt woven and the woven gun holster
  • Free horse feed: 10 classic oatmeal cookies, 10 horse feed and 10 apples
  • Win 10 capitalsby participating in the series of nominations each week
  • 5 special horse stimulants for the purchase of any weapon modification
  • Earn the “Danube” or “Tasman” outfitsif you finish in the top three in six races in a single week
  • Limited Time Clothing Return: the Dillehay hat and the Carver pants
  • discounts:
    30% off Pistols, Emotes, Racehorses and Chargers
    50% on horse feed, reinforced lasso, stirrups and stable places too
    40% off pants and skirts
  • Prime Gaming Benefits: Those who link their Rockstar Games Social Club account to Prime Gaming by June 6 will receive the Flex Muscle emote, a select colorway of the Espinal Double Shoulder Strap, and a select colorway of the Windcliff Coat for free.
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