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“Deutschland sucht den Superstar” will soon have a famous competitor…

It’s been 11 years since Pietro Lombardi (29) competed in the DSDS final alongside his ex-wife Sarah Engels (29) – and won. Since then, the career of the native of Karlsruhe has continued to rise and today reaches a new peak: Pietro gets his own casting on RTL!

Many have tried – most have failed: to build a great music career by winning the DSDS and making a name for yourself in business. Pietro succeeded! Four of his songs alone landed in the top 10 of the German charts.

2022 the next hammer: Together with DSDS “Dad” Dieter Bohlen (68) and rapper Katja Krasavice (25), the 29-year-old released the new edition of the Modern Talkings classic “You are my heart, you are my soul.”

Pietro is a fan favorite, social media star, thoroughbred father – and soon to be a talent scout! Because now follows the next highlight of his career!

For a few days, the singer had hinted several times on social networks that a big project was preparing, which was going to realize a big dream of him.

Now, finally, the singer has announced his affair of the heart: “I am delighted! My first show to me”, writes the young man of 29 years in a post Instagram and at the same time launches a call for applications for the “Lombardi Show”.

The casting background is the singer’s new label with Universal. Emotionally, Pietro adds: “My big dream has always been to give something back and during the 11 beautiful years that you have always supported. Support, loyalty and that love from the fans that I feel on a daily basis.

Best Buddies: Pietro Lombardi and Dieter Bohlen in an 80s outfit at the DSDS Show 2019 – a tribute to Modern TalkingFoto: Getty Images

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Best Buddies: Pietro Lombardi and Dieter Bohlen in an 80s outfit at the DSDS Show 2019 – a tribute to Modern TalkingPhoto: Getty Images

Anyone wishing to participate can already apply. The winner is then signed by Pietro. Only requirement for aspiring singers: to be of legal age and absolute flexibility to tour between May 16 and June 17. The application period closes on May 8.

It is not yet known when the show will air or if there will be a multi-person jury. But who knows, maybe even pop titan Dieter Bohlen will appear on his protege’s DSDS show.

Anyway, Pietro always looks good for a surprise.

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