On April 4, you’ll probably be able to buy a PS5 on Amazon

Do you really want to buy a PS5? Tomorrow you might have the opportunity to do it on Amazon. MeinMMO provides you with all the important information.

The so-called “Prime spoiler” has just reappeared on Amazon – a well-known indication that there may be consoles coming soon (“Prime members have priority access to the PlayStation 5”). In the past, this has always reliably indicated an impending drop in the coveted console.

Where can I find the PS5 on Amazon? So far, this review has only appeared on the PlayStation5 Digital Edition product page. However, it cannot be ruled out that other bundles and possibly also the disc version of the console will be bundled with this and sold.

When will sales start on Amazon? The PS5 consoles should be available on Amazon tomorrow, Wednesday May 4 – a typical day for retailer deliveries. The sale should take place early in the morning between 9am and 11am. You must therefore be close to your computer, especially in the morning, or at least have a mobile phone handy if you want to try your luck.

How can I increase my chances? Put the PS5 or corresponding bundles on your Amazon wishlist now. Often you can get the lots faster during the sale.

Prime was previously mandatory for PS5 drops on Amazon

You should be a Prime member for the next delivery. Although it says Prime members have “priority access”, the deals disappear so quickly that other people can’t even buy. You can also try Amazon Prime free for 30 days.

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Didn’t get a PS5? If you haven’t received a PS5, it’s best to check our ticker. Here we keep you up to date and tell you how best to get a PS5 and show you drops for the coveted console.

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