Now in Steam Demo: Soulslike Thymesia Action RPG with Release Date

from Olivier Jäger
Developers Overborder Studio and publisher Team17 have announced the release date for Thymesia, an action role-playing game with similarities to Soulsborne titles. The game will be released on PC and next-gen consoles on August 9. A Thymesia demo can be tested on Steam until May 9.

Along with “Thymesia,” a new Soulslike title will be released this summer, which combines elements of the Krabat saga with the epidemic theme, which evokes associations with the European Middle Ages. To announce the August 9, 2022 release date, development studio Overborder and publisher Team17 showed off a new trailer. Additionally, since May 2, interested people can try out a demo of the action-RPG Thymesia as part of the “Going Rogue Festival” on Steam to preview the game until the final release in three months. The festival runs until May 9, as does the demo.

Diseases as weapons in the fight against monsters

According to the developers, Thymesia is set in a realm that once thrived on alchemy. The attempt to stop this, however, plunged him into an era of catastrophe. As a result, monsters would have spread rapidly through the streets, along with chaos in general. Here, the player slips into the role of the protagonist Corvus, who has lost his memory and has taken it upon himself to find the solution to the riddle.

Thymesia: Soulslike Action RPG in Release Trailer

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In Thymesia, bosses are said to have deadly diseases that you must extract from them and use as a weapon yourself. The player can transform into a crow and use its feathers as daggers in battle. Additionally, Thymesia’s plague moves and weapons should be able to be changed and upgraded, so players can create their own unique fighting style. The game also offers freedom of choice, which can lead to different endings depending on the actions taken, including picking up items.

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