‘Let’s Dance’ stars go after Amira’s dance partner

Amira and Massimo were visibly emotional after the performance.Image: Joshua Sammer/Getty Images

In the ninth live show of “Let’s Dance”, Amira Pocher provided the goosebumps moment of the evening. The remaining six dancing couples were encouraged to show off their emotional moments on the floor during “Magic Moments”. When it was finally the presenter’s turn, there were a lot of tears. Her husband Oliver Pocher, who was present on the television set, also had to cry. Her performance was about her non-existent relationship with her father. After more than 20 years, she sees him again for the first time.

With emotion, she said in the single player: “I met my father after 23 years and saw him again. There are constant questions: Why isn’t he here? Do you Do you miss me? Do you know me at all? Do you want to see me? Just a complete part of you is missing. That’s what I always wanted. Finally, thanks to comedian, she met her father four years ago. “He took the initiative and we left. My whole family was there. I thought: this is where I belong, this is where I come from,” Amira said.

In the latest podcast episode of “Tanz oder nicht”, professional dancers Oana Nechiti and Erich Klann, who have been part of the show for years, spoke about Amira’s moving performance. However, they criticized the behavior of their dance partner Massimo Sinató.

Oana and Erich are moved by the appearance of Amira

First, Oana said of the latest episode of ‘Let’s Dance’: “‘Magic Moments’ is very special to me. Many contestants dare to open up, dance, tell a personal story. Amira did what ‘the best for me was the highlight of all.’ This is how Erich saw it too: “It was really, really, great. She gave herself completely and just danced freely. I really liked that.”

Especially the Matz touched Oana. When Erich asked her if she cried like Oliver Pocher, she said: “I didn’t cry, but Oli touched me even more than the dance itself. Matz took you very far, of course it was the perfect accompaniment to the dance, because you knew you understood the story, you also saw that it was real. It meant a lot. She was 100% here and now, it was real.”

Oliver Pocher even cried.

Oliver Pocher even cried.Image: Getty Images Europe/Joshua Sammer

And further: “The move didn’t look perfect, but that’s what I like. When I saw Oli, I almost cried.” Erich added that they knew the comedian felt a lot for those around him and that they had already felt it themselves. However, there was one thing that bothered her about Amira’s performance: it was her dance partner Massimo’s behavior.

Erich ultimately criticized the following about him: “A little too much with Massimo, it’s always his applause, which destroys this whole moment. We all know it’s a great achievement, but nobody discovered light, electricity. Oana saw it the same way: “It was his time. After a while like that, no one in the auditorium stopped breathing, you even felt the calm of home. Imagine what it was like live.”

On stage, the two gave full throttle.

On stage, the two gave full throttle.Image: Joshua Sammer/Getty Images

Because of this, it was clear to the mother of two sons: “So you really don’t have to say anything more, because everything has already been said with the dance. You don’t have to say as a partner anymore: ‘ I think she’s always been busy and now the knot has burst. This moment has already spoken for itself. You don’t have to stress it again, that’s too much. Amira briefly interrupted him too.”

After the performance, Massimo said ahead of the jury’s verdict, “I’m so incredibly proud of you, Amira. It took me a long time to break this hard shell. You learned four dances in four days. a lot of emotions.” Amira then reacted like this: “Let the jury speak first.” Erich thought she was reacting very coldly to the situation.

Here, Massimo praised his dance partner.

Here, Massimo praised his dance partner.Image: Joshua Sammer/Getty Images

In conclusion, Oana pointed out in particular that a total of 30 points were awarded in the program “far too quickly”. From a purely emotional standpoint, Amira deserved top marks, “but unfortunately not in terms of dancing,” she said. She also found the score too high for Janin Ullmann. “The only 30 points justified for me today were purely dance related for Rene and Kathrin,” Oana said. Consequently, the three pairs of dancers would not have performed in the same way. “That’s just not the case,” she clarified. As a specialized jury, you would have to differentiate more precisely.


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