Jenny Elvers on Marc Terenzi: That’s why she wanted to keep the relationship a secret for now

  • Before Jenny Elvers and ten other celebrities were sent on vacation by Sat1 to the “Club der Gute Mood” from May 4, Elvers opened up to our editors about their new relationship, their son and the TV landscape, among other things. .
  • She reveals which TV show we’ll probably never see her on and whether her son Paul can imagine additional participation in TV formats.
  • Of course, we also told her about her new relationship with Marc Terenzi and she explains why it was so important for them to keep their relationship under wraps for the time being.

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Ms. Elvers, from May 4, you can be seen in the new reality TV format “Club of Good Moods”. Do reality shows like this make you more nervous than other formats because you can be seen there as Jenny Elvers and not just any role?

Of course, that makes a difference. On the one hand, you can be seen there as a person, on the other hand, I don’t have any text preparation or anything like that. What makes me nervous beforehand is the question: who might be the others you hang out with. That’s when he decides whether you’re going to have a good time or not, whether people are nice or not. I know a lot of people in the industry.

You are currently making the headlines, in particular because of your new relationship with Marc Terenzi. In this regard, it can be said that the format was already worth it for you, after all, Marc also participates in it.

Yes, but I didn’t meet him there. We have known each other for a very long time. We met and talked again and again, my son and I were also his guests a few years ago. We’ve always loved each other, but we’ve never been single at the same time. During the filming, we saw each other again and spent a lot of time together and we got to know each other very well.

Do you like or dislike talking about matters as private as your love life?

Very reluctant. In the past four years, I haven’t spoken once about my personal life and I haven’t been single all the time and dated someone in the industry, among other things. But when you get closer in front of the camera, that’s another matter. Marc and I were unmasked from the outside, we managed to keep our relationship secret for quite a while. It was really important for us because we had to see how we could transport our relationship to Germany. We stayed in Phuket for a few more days after the broadcast and found ourselves in a vacation situation with no daily life. So the question was: does it also work in cold Germany? And yes, it works very well! But it was good that we had at least those two months to really see what happens to us on a daily basis.

You both have unpleasant pasts with addiction issues. How do you deal with that as a couple, is that a big deal for you?

This is not a problem for us at all. I didn’t have that on Marc’s screen and I haven’t had a drink in ten years. It’s a little nicer now to have a partner who doesn’t drink either. As a foreigner you imagine it differently, but it doesn’t matter, why should it be so? We have many common interests, we like to play sports, we are engaged in healthy eating. The past is over and everyone knows how to deal with it.

You talk openly about your overcome alcoholism: Have you been criticized or supported for this openness?

I had more support, especially from the general public. Everyone knows someone who has an addiction problem. For a long time I was very open about it and at one point I said, enough for now. I am characterized by more. Of course, it belongs to me, but there are also many other things which belong to me.

Her son Paul is now a grown man. They are a strong team and maintain close relationships. What were the hardest times for you as a mom?

You never stop worrying and thinking: will the child come home safely? Is he in good health? I’m curious to see if it will still be the case in 20 years (laughs). He now has his own business, he is very successful, he has a great girlfriend and I always worry when he is on the highway. I can’t turn this off.

Would you say that you have trouble separating from your son?

No, I let go too. We don’t know that I am often away from home and working for weeks. I can understand that: when, as a mom, you are always at home, things are used to it and things are going as planned, and the child suddenly moves out and something falls out. But we didn’t have that. We are separated, but we are very close. It is natural for us to write or call each other, no matter who travels where in the history of the world. Nor is it a sense of duty, either for me or for him. And it’s good.

How has your son reacted to your new relationship with Marc?

Basically, my son is happy when mom is happy. He grew up and he has known Marc for as long as I have. They’ve met before, so it’s all good.

You were seen with your ex-partner Alex Jolig on the show “Prominent Separated”: How did you both manage to function as parents for your son despite the separation?

It worked with a lot of respect and empathy and above all putting the child at the center and fighting no battles in adulthood. If you basically want the same thing, that the child be happy and protected, that’s relatively easy to achieve.

In an interview, you said “lack of communication” was one of the reasons for the breakup. What are you doing different with Marc now, what have you learned?

In my opinion, the lack of communication does not come from me (laughs). But that was 21 years ago, so hopefully you’ll learn something new about life in general. You are growing up and dealing with conflicts and discussions differently than 20 years ago. It would also be a shame if this were not the case.

Her son Paul was on “Battle of the Reality Stars” last summer, but was kicked out after just one episode. Would you wish him a career in television or would you even advise against it?

Neither nor. His goal was never to go on television and make a career out of it. If it was a good choice and he felt like it, he accepted offers, as in this case. It was an opportunity for him to experience something and, above all, he invested his fees wisely in his GmbH, so he did everything right. But his main activity is his business, where he is very successful and works hard. I told him about his career choice: “Paul, you have to do something that you really want to do. When it comes to sports or otherwise, he will certainly participate in one or the other format, but he will decide for himself.

Are there any reality TV formats that you will definitely never be seen in or are you basically open to anything at the moment?

For example, I would completely exclude “Adam sucht Eva” (laughs). Basically, these formats are just fun. I decide based on my intuition what I accept and what not. I go back and forth between acting and moderating genres anyway. One does not exclude the other. It’s all under the entertainment heading.

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