Eidos Montreal with several Unreal Engine 5 projects

from Thilo Bayer
The studio behind Deus Ex and Thief, Eidos Montreal, has several Unreal Engine 5 projects in the works.

One of the big topics yesterday was Square Enix’s sale of well-known brands and studios to the Embracer group. From the studio Eidos Montreal, known for Deus Ex and Thief, there are now exciting statements about projects with the Unreal Engine 5.

Eidos is home to the Thief and Deus Ex brands

As part of the takeover of important brands such as Tomb Raider and well-known studios such as Crystal Dynamics or Eidos Montreal, David Anfossi, Studio Head Eidos Montreal, also had his say in webcasting. In it, he recounts the studio’s past, present and future, raising the question of what Eidos Montreal is currently working on.

Eidos Montreal: 15 years of work

Eidos Montréal avec plusieurs projets Unreal Engine 5 (2) <span class=[Quelle: Embracer Group]” src=”https://news.google.com/screenshots/380×214/2022/05/Embracer_Presentation_Eidos_Crystal_Dynamic_SE_Montreal_2022.05.02_Seite_07-pcgh.jpg” width=”380″ height=”214″/>

Eidos Montréal avec plusieurs projets Unreal Engine 5 (3) <span class=[Quelle: Embracer Group]” src=”https://news.google.com/screenshots/380×214/2022/05/Embracer_Presentation_Eidos_Crystal_Dynamic_SE_Montreal_2022.05.02_Seite_08-pcgh.jpg” width=”380″ height=”214″/>

Studio boss Anfossi has been on board for 15 years, that’s how long Eidos Montreal has been around since UK publisher Eidos Interactive announced the opening of the Montreal studio in 2007. Games like Deus Ex Human Revolution have been there. been created to date(2011), Thief 4 (2014), Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (2016), Shadow of the Tomb Raider (2018), Marvel’s Avengers (2020) and Guardians of the Galaxy (2021).

At 15, they reposition themselves and give themselves the new mission of “awakening emotions”. It also forces you to focus where you make a difference – and that’s not the technology. Internal engines such as the Dawn engine for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, for which Hitman-Studio IO Interactive’s Glacier 2 engine was developed, are now a thing of the past. In fact, Eidos Montreal currently has “several developments” underway, all based on Unreal Engine 5 technology.

Eidos Montreal is also “at its best level for 15 years” following the takeover. And of course everyone wonders how things will continue here. Anfossi states that Eidos is “the home of the Thief and Deus Ex franchises”. With the two Deus-Ex games, the brand has been modernized and relaunched. Deus Ex stands for “Extraordinary Single Player Replay Value”. It would be a miracle if Eidos Montreal’s UE5 projects didn’t also play into the Thief or Deus Ex brand universe. Eidos and Crystal Dynamics have time for that: the acquired studios are only expected to make a significant contribution to Embracer group only in two years.

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