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Broadly speaking, the e-book world is divided into two camps: Amazon’s and everyone else’s. But within certain limits, e-books can be converted and read on readers on the other side.


Kindle eBooks purchased from Amazon generally cannot be legally converted into a format so that they can be read on readers from other manufacturers. E-books sold by all other providers in Epub format, on the other hand, can be converted to Kindle format just fine as long as they are not protected by digital rights management (DRM).

The open-source program Calibre, a management and library software for electronic books, performs such a conversion. And now, Amazon has also announced that it will convert Epub format to Kindle format for its customers if necessary.

By e-mail to Kindle

This is done by emailing the DRM-free epub books to an email address assigned to the Kindle reader. This feature is called Send to Kindle. The email address for your own Kindle e-reader can be found in the Amazon customer account.

It also works with text documents (doc, rtf, txt), PDFs, websites (html), image files (jpeg, gif, png, nmp) and Mobi format e-books. However, mobile support is expected to expire at the end of 2022. However, Mobi books that have already been loaded into the Kindle library should remain readable beyond that time.

Transfer applications not yet ready

If you want, you can also use “Send to Kindle” apps instead of email transfer to transfer files in all mentioned formats to your Kindle device. Exception Epub books: According to Amazon, applications should not be able to process them before the end of 2022. (dpa)

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