cancer surgery? Putin to be operated on shortly after propaganda party


Is Russian President Vladimir Putin seriously ill? Speculation about the 69-year-old’s condition has been swirling for months. But now a Kremlin insider claims Putin will undergo cancer surgery after Russia’s May 9 celebrations. And his loyal Foreign Minister Lavrov is suddenly oddly reluctant on the subject…more on that in the video.

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Lavrov’s statements fuel rumor

Italian TV channel Rete 4’s interview with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov two days ago sparked speculation about Putin’s health. Asked by the Italian journalist what lies behind the rumors about Putin’s state of health, the Russian Foreign Minister replied: “You have to ask the heads of state and government who met him”.

This is the first response from the Russian government that either addresses the speculation or does not directly deny it, as so far all rumors about Putin’s health issues have been dismissed as lies. So, is there any truth to the rumours? Is Putin possibly suffering from cancer or, as has often been speculated, Parkinson’s disease?

What do you mean? Could there be some truth to the rumours?

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Cancer surgery soon? Victory Day as an important date for Putin

The “Daily Mail” would have even more precise information: according to a Kremlin insider and information from an internal Telegram channel, Putin will soon be operated on for cancer. On May 9, a large propaganda celebration takes place in Moscow – the historically significant “Day of Victory” over Nazi Germany in World War II. Of course, Putin must not be absent from this celebration. The Telegram channel mentioned with the proprietary information is said to be operated by a Russian secret service agent.

A replacement for Putin’s absence has already been arranged: according to the “Daily Mail”, the former head of the Russian internal intelligence service Nikolai Patrushev has been named interim president. Patrushev is considered one of Putin’s closest confidants. He is to resume official duties from Putin for a few days. (khe, swi)

An earlier version of this article stated that the celebration would take place “next week”. According to RTL’s research on media reports, a specific date is not yet foreseeable. This article has since been updated.

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