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Leni Klum will be eighteen this year. image: instagram/leniklum

At the age of sixteen, Leni Klum shone with her mother Heidi on the cover of “Vogue” in Germany – since then she has been an integral part of the modeling world. Born in New York, she has already been in front of the camera for big brands like Dior and even released her own fashion collection with “About You.”

And she achieved all of this before her eighteenth birthday, which is not due until May 4 this year. To the confusion of some fans, however, she already posted a photo yesterday, which she showed off at her birthday party.

Leni Klum celebrates her eighteenth birthday prematurely

In her latest Instagram photo, Leni poses with a smile next to her birthday cake decorated with roses and pink candles. The inscription in sugar above reads: “Leni 18”. In the background, countless pink balloons assembled into a large eighteen.

There’s no doubt that Leni is celebrating her eighteenth birthday in the photo – and this even if, officially, she is still seventeen years old.

“Early birthday party,” the young model captioned the photo, causing some confusion among her fans. Because in addition to a number of congratulations, in particular from his biological father Flavio Briatore, some astonished voices were also raised. “But it’s her birthday on May 4th,” wrote one astonished fan. “Actually, she won’t be 18 until tomorrow,” said another soberly. It’s still unclear why Heidi’s daughter blew out the birthday candles prematurely.

The model celebrated her 20th birthday in 2021 – that’s behind it all

Last year, Leni caused confusion with a birthday photo. With that, she posed next to a birthday cake that had a pink ’20’ written on it – and that, while the young model was only seventeen years old at the time.

However, observant fans quickly discovered that Leni did not celebrate her own birthday with the Instagram post, but that of the magazine “Glamour”. It has a very special meaning for the brunette as she was allowed to adorn her cover last year.


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