Bomb discovered in the basement of Essen: the A40 must be closed

A World War II bomb has been discovered in Essen-Frillendorf. It must be defused this Tuesday. At the live ticker.

In Essen-Frillendorf on Tuesday (3.5.) is a Duds on Lunerkamp Street been found. The British five hundred pound bomb is due to be defused today – the exact date is still unclear.

Unusual: “The bomb was found in a residential building – in a basement”said city spokeswoman Jasmin Trilling. Construction work should have taken place on the apartment building, in which seven people are registered. During exploratory work on Wednesday, the suspicion that there was indeed a bomb there was confirmed.

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  • Buildings within 250 meters are evacuated, people within 500 meters should stay in parts of the building opposite the bomb during defusing.
  • A support center is set up for local residents: at the Kolping Bildungswerk Am Zehnthof 100. A total of 700 people from the inner circle must be evacuated, and just over 1175 must behave in an “airy” manner.
  • A support center has been established at Kolping Bildungswerk Am Zehnthof 100.
  • The city of Essen has set up a citizens’ hotline: 0201/ 123 8888.

Bomb in Essen: The Evacuation Plan

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Bomb in Essen – status updates in the live ticker

12:33 p.m.: Shortly before the defusing, the A40 motorway must be closed, so traffic is always fluid. The way to do it:

  • A40 – Direction Gelsenkirchen: Traffic is diverted at the Essen-Kray junction.
  • A40 – Direction Mülheim: Traffic is diverted at the Essen-Huttrop junction.
  • A52 – Coming from the direction of Düsseldorf: Traffic will be diverted at the Essen-Bergerhausen junction – the corresponding lanes will be closed.

12:28 p.m.: Impressions from Frillendorf: More and more people are leaving the affected area by car, some are walking, many are on the phone. People are surprised by the measurements in the middle of their daily lives. A woman is invited to a birthday party, another wants to visit her mother, some come from the home office.

A concerned resident does not yet know whether she lives in the inner or outer evacuation circle. She carries two bags in her hand and says, “I just came back from shopping, there are perishables here. If I had known that.”

12:18 p.m.: Apparently preparations are progressing well, but it’s still unclear when it can be defused. “But it’s possible we’ll be done before rush hour,” city spokeswoman Jasmin Trilling said.

12:06 p.m.: The inner evacuation circle is now closed, the city advises that the A40 is not yet closed.

12:04 p.m.: “Significant restrictions” are to be expected on certain lines of the Ruhrbahn: 146 and 166 as well as 144, 160 and 161.

11:58 a.m.: Everything is still quiet in the nearby street Am Zehnthof, traffic is normal. But you can tell the people here are preparing for defusing. RGE security forces are in the streets. A man said on the phone: “You haven’t noticed anything yet, but we should start right away. A resident said, “It could be something. She can’t believe the bomb hasn’t been discovered for 70 years. “It can really scare you, who knows what else is sleeping underground.”

11:28 a.m.: The first evacuation round has begun.

11:22 a.m.: The evacuation circle is fixed, the city has published it in the meantime (see above). The A40 is in the middle of the circle and must then be closed during defusing. When exactly is still unclear.

10:40 a.m.: The city has set up a citizen hotline on 0201/123 8888.

10:28 a.m.: A misfire was found at Essen-Frillendorf and has yet to be defused today.

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