‘Bares for Rares’ contestant mocks Horst Lichter: ‘Oh, stop it’

But Lichter also finds the 66-year-old’s former job exciting. “You’ve certainly had a very exciting life as a detective. I’d love to hear a few stories right now, but of course you’re not allowed to tell them. But who was the dumbest burglar or criminal? you’ve ever dealt with?” , the moderator wants to know.

“I have two great cases. One lost his ID in a bank robbery. The other was a burglary. The victims had cameras installed and the camera is seen jerking off from below, then she tears herself away and he looks horrified into the camera,” Noss says with a laugh.

Rarity with Dresden court motif

“Well, I’ll put it this way: those two deserve it. But now we’d like to know something about rarity. Where did you get the housekeeping from?” asks Lichter, who has already acknowledged it’s a small rack. for vinegar, oil and spices. “I bought them at an auction a few years ago because I liked them as tableware. But we don’t use them and that’s a shame,” Noss confesses.

Art historian Friederike Werner agrees. “It’s a really nice little menagerie and I know why you don’t use it – it’s hard to clean. I have one too. It’s beautiful but there’s a lot of buildup in the corners of the jars Vinegar and oil are difficult to get out of small carafes,” explains the expert.

She notes that the cruet consists of two small pitchers for oil and vinegar, two small pans for salt and pepper, and a covered pan for mustard. “It’s beautiful and well preserved. And the silver handle basket refers to the Dresden court motif that was used from 1870,” she is certain, and dates the household to the 1950s.

“I am no longer surprised by anything”

The price desired by the seller is between 200 and 250 euros. However, the expert only offers a price estimate of 180 to 220 euros. Still, Noss wants to try his luck in the merchant hall.

As he drove off, Lichter said to Werner: “I really believed him with the sign. No nonsense – I would have gone to see tonight. I would have looked if there was a sign: ‘Last field in front of Cologne’. Because I trust them here.” “I was going to say that too,” agrees the expert. “I’m not surprised by anything anymore. That’s what I learned,” she says.

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