Back after cancer: Nicole sings again for peace

Back after cancer
Nicole sings again for peace

A little peace, a little sunshine for this land we live on… It’s been 40 years since Nicole won the Eurovision Song Contest with. Now she defies the war again with her song. And that’s after she just finished her toughest fight to date.

Pop singer Nicole celebrated her return to the stage after her breast cancer diagnosis in 2020. So she made an appearance at the “Night of the German Schlager” in the Dominican Republic, as reported by the “” portal. Other stars such as Patrick Lindner, Peter Orloff, Ireen Sheer, Anna-Maria Zimmermann, Eberhard and Stefanie Hertel as well as Markus Möhrl and Yvonne König were there for the association “Fly & Help”.

This year, Nicole is celebrating the 40th anniversary of her Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) win with the song “A Bit of Peace”. In Punta Cana, among other things, she performed her hit song and spoke about the war in Ukraine.

According to, she publicly addressed President Vladimir Putin in Russian – “the only person capable of dragging so many people into the abyss”. With tears in her eyes, Nicole also explained, “We live in a world that’s anything but calm. And that’s why I’m here tonight to help sing and play some sweet notes again.”

The singer had “a deja vu” during her performance, she told the newspaper “Bild”. “On the day of ESC 1982 the Falklands War broke out and I sang my song of peace. Today Russia is at war with Ukraine. It breaks my heart!”

“At Last at the Summit Cross”

At the end of April, Nicole went public with her cancer: she received the diagnosis in December 2020, she told the newspaper “Bild”. “Small but aggressive” tumors were discovered in her breast. She lost her long hair due to chemotherapy.

Nicole is now sporting a chin-length bob, as she recently showed off on Instagram. In her message, she wrote, among other things, the lines: “After 16 months, shaped by fears and doubts, but also hope and confidence, I finally stand at the summit cross.”

And further: “The sun embraces me again, its warmth now dries all the tears, even those that have not been cried, and I say quietly, but firmly and infinitely proud of myself: ‘My daughter, you ‘have done !'”

Nicole isn’t just back on stage. A new album by the singer should also be released in 2022.

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