Zoff even before the cup final: SC Freiburg gives the cold shoulder to RB Leipzig

Zoff already before the cup final
SC Freiburg gives the cold shoulder to RB Leipzig

Ahead of the DFB Cup final, SC Freiburg refused to share fan articles with opponents RB Leipzig. These are usually standard in highlight sets. The Brisgau club give no reason, but an Instagram post from a fan magazine gives a clear indication.

SC Freiburg have no interest in sharing fan articles with RB Leipzig. The Bundesliga club banned their opponent in the DFB Cup final from using the club logo. This was confirmed by a club spokesperson without giving reasons. An Instagram post from an online magazine in Freiburg suggests that the ban is linked to the ownership structure of the Saxon football club. The final will take place on May 21 at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin. It would be the first DFB Cup win for both Bundesliga clubs.

“In the final, the SCF therefore refused to share fan articles with the opponent,” he said in a post on the Instagram page of nordtribüne.org, an online magazine for fans of Freiburg: “In addition, the opponent has been prohibited from using the coat of arms of our eV. Nothing in common with construction. The message that had spread so much was confirmed a little later by the club. RB Leipzig did not want to comment on the situation at the request of the newspaper “Bild”. Shared products for fans of flagship games are generally common in football.

The Saxon Bundesliga side have come under fire since the license takeover of former Oberliga club SSV Markranstädt by Austrian marketing giant Red Bull run by billionaire Dietrich Mateschitz. The new foundation under the name “Rasenballsport Leipzig” proved successful. In a few years, the club first became professional football, then soon in the Bundesliga.

Leipzig’s criticism

Since then, RB Leipzig have established themselves among the national elite and are preparing to win their first title this season. Besides the cup final on May 21, the people of Leipzig can also look forward to the UEFA Europa League final in Seville a few days before. On Thursday, the Saxons could improve on their 1-0 semi-final first leg win over Glasgow Rangers.

Leipzig have been criticized by opposing clubs for many reasons. The Saxons were once accused of serving only as a pretext for a marketing project and of reinforcing the Red Bull drinks brand and of being only the “imitation” of a football club, as the magazine wrote in 2020 Leipzig football critic “11 Freunde”. . There is also criticism of the numerous transfers between the two offshoots of RB Leipzig and Salzburg, which claim not to be linked. UEFA have confirmed this to both clubs. But residual doubts remain.

Lately, billionaire Dietrich Mateschitz has also drawn increasing attention from critics. With its media brands “Servus TV”, which has become a platform for corona deniers during the pandemic, and “Der Pragmaticus”, it displays a right-wing conservative attitude at best.

In Leipzig itself, criticism mainly boils down to football fans’ envy of the club’s success. Some media also support the club in this argument. “Despite all the passion, the transition should only slowly succeed in showing a modicum of respect to RB Leipzig,” Sport1 said after Leipzig entered the cup final. And Guido Schäfer, chief journalist of the Leipziger Volkszeitung, told the story BBC before the game against Glasgow Rangers that the club is now widely recognized for its sporting achievements in much of Germany, but not in Dortmund or Berlin.

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