TV chef yells at Laura Wontorra

It became stressful for Steffen Henssler on the TV show, which presenter Laura Wontorra also felt.Picture: Vox

Charlotte Zinc

The comedian against the TV chef or “the duel of the alpha males”, as presenter Laura Wontorra put it: Sunday evening at Vox, Steffen Henssler and Mario Barth faced off in the kitchen ring. The special thing: Not only Henssler was surprised by the selection of dishes – Barth also cooked without preparation and did not know in advance what was on the “Grill den Henssler” menu.

The amateur chef began under the same conditions as the professional Henssler. That is to say almost… Barth had a coach by his side to take up the challenge: Kristof Mulack from Berlin supported the comedian with advice and a few hand gestures at the end of each challenge.

Question mark at the first challenge

The very first dish to cook posed a challenge to professionals Henssler and Barth. There should be beef soup with marrow dumplings and egg custard as a starter. “It’s really difficult!”, declared the head of television, referring above all to the meatballs. He last did it over 30 years ago when he was apprenticed. Unfortunately, Henssler no longer remembered the recipe.

This time, Steffen Henssler had to deal with Mario Barth (2nd from the left).

This time, Steffen Henssler had to deal with Mario Barth (2nd from the left).Picture: Vox

However, he was one step ahead of Barth. He had never made beef soup. “It tastes like shit!” he said bluntly during the tasting and I got really sweaty towards the end of the challenge. In the end, the jury was also (little) impressed by the two final results.

“We wanted an incredible sum and few things were done well!” Judged the starred chef Christian Rach. Co-juror Mirja Boes didn’t really like it either: “I have to admit to the blue plate that it was very little!”, She joked. Only Reiner “Calli” Calmund tasted the soup. In the end, Henssler and Barth both scored 18 points out of a possible 30 for their main course.

Henssler goes after Wontorra

However, the tie did not last long: thanks to the game turns between the courses, Barth was able to take a point advantage over Henssler until the dessert course. No wonder the television chief’s nerves have been on edge in the meantime. Moderator Wontorra in particular felt it. When she repeatedly reminded the chef that it was her turn to play a game while preparing the main course, he replied that he was not deaf.

Laura Wontorra looks over Barth's shoulder.

Laura Wontorra looks over Barth’s shoulder.Picture: Vox

When Wontorra then called the countdown to the end of the challenge – and time was running out – Henssler exclaimed, “Yeah man, don’t piss me off!” However, the host didn’t take it the wrong way for her co-worker and simply ignored the mini outburst of anger with the words, “Now we’re in a good mood!” However, she didn’t have it easy with Barth on Sunday night either. In the heat of the cooking action, he completely ignored some of her questions. Or started answers that he didn’t finish.

After all, when asked, he told Wontorra that, much to his girlfriend’s annoyance, he had a professional kitchen installed in his home. According to Barth, many would not believe it until they saw it. Henssler confirmed that the comedian asked him for advice on what kitchen appliances to buy.

Henssler wins with quark balls

Was it because of the less than professionally furnished studio kitchen? In the end, Barth was narrowly beaten by Henssler with 69 to 72 points. Henssler had turned things around with his dessert: cottage cheese balls with raspberry sauce. “I was really convinced,” Rach had even said when he saw the pastry and awarded a rare ten points from his mouth.

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