The ensemble rebels against the composer: Andrew Lloyd Webber cancels the musical “Cinderella”

The whole railed against the composer
Andrew Lloyd Webber cancels ‘Cinderella’ musical

In the summer of 2021, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s new musical “Cinderella” will debut in London. Less than a year later, the industry guru canceled the show again. Many actors and actresses learned about the end of the production from the media – and let their displeasure run wild.

Andrew Lloyd Webber review: The composer has canceled his musical ‘Cinderella’ in London. Some actors would have only discovered this through media reports. The final West End performance is scheduled for June 12 this year. This reports “Deadline”. “Cinderella” started less than a year ago. Despite the cancellation in London, the completely revamped musical is set to debut on Broadway in New York next year.

Officials delivered the message to the cast on the Sunday before the afternoon performance. Actors who weren’t there or were only to take on roles in the fairy tale musical later learned of the ending from the media. Summer Stroller, who is set to play Queen in ‘Cinderella,’ posted a video on Instagram. In it, the actress says she was “fired via social media.” She learned about the cancellation from an article a friend sent her. Only his agent received an email from the creators.

Cinderella actress Carrie Hope Fletcher was also outraged. She wasn’t there in person, but she didn’t get a call until the news broke. She wrote it in a now-deleted post on Instagram.

On Twitter, she criticized the way the dismissal was delivered to the team. “I don’t think I can find the right words,” she wrote. “And if I had, I would probably be advised not to tell. Sincerely to everyone who was affected by today’s news and the way this news was delivered.”

Webber denies

Actor Robert Lindsay takes a direct stance on Andrew Lloyd Webber: “Shocking and unforgivable for a man who has gained so much from this uncertain profession to lay off those desperate for work via social media. Andrew Lloyd Webber, business is too much hard .”

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Really Useful Group denies the claims. “Everyone involved with ‘Cinderella’ was contacted by phone, email or in person (some through agents) before the news went public that evening,” the company said. at BBC News. “Every effort was made to ensure people were informed before publication, while managing how quickly the information would spread on social media once people were informed.”

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