Surprise visit: Angelina Jolie visits Lviv

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Angelina Jolie visits the city of Lviv in western Ukraine

Angelina Jolie meets refugee children in western Ukraine

In the midst of a war of Russian aggression, Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie traveled to western Ukraine. In Lviv, she gave courage to children in a hospital injured in a rocket attack in Kramatorsk.

Surprisingly, Angelina Jolie visited Lviv on Saturday. The actress and UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador spoke with refugees and visited children who survived the rocket attack on Kramatorsk railway station in a hospital.

HHollywood actress and UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie made a surprise visit to Lviv in western Ukraine on Saturday. “This visit was a surprise to all of us,” regional governor Maxim Kosyzki wrote on Telegram with photos and videos showing the actress playing with children and posing with volunteers.

According to Kosyzki, Jolie was in a hospital visiting children injured in the rocket attack on Kramatorsk train station. She also spoke with volunteers who provided psychological help to people who had fled to Lviv from other parts of the country.

Angelina Jolie takes a selfie with a volunteer at the train station in Lviv, western Ukraine


A short video showed Jolie at a train station talking to internally displaced people. As the center of western Ukraine, Lviv has become the most important place of refuge for war refugees from the east and south of the country.

The actress was then spotted in a cafe in the city. “Drinking coffee and seeing Angelina Jolie in Lviv!” wrote journalist Maya Pidhorodezka in a video she posted on Facebook. “Ukraine is simply supported by the whole world,” added the woman from Lviv.

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Jolie has been a UNHCR special envoy since 2012. As a UN ambassador, she has already visited more than 40 crisis areas, including Sierra Leone, Chad, Sudan and Lebanon. As a special envoy, she also represents UNHCR at the diplomatic level.

Angelina Jolie takes a selfie with a Ukrainian fan

Angelina Jolie takes a selfie with a Ukrainian fan

Source: dpa/Valeria Sergeeva

Angelina Jolie in Lviv

Angelina Jolie in Lviv

Source: Lviv.Media via REUTERS

UN Secretary General António Guterres traveled to Kyiv on Wednesday. The city came under Russian rocket fire during his visit.

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