Sport after corona infection: You should wait that long

Anyone who has been infected with Corona is initially bound to their own four walls for a period of time. In your late 40s, you can’t wait to finally get outside again and you’re full of energy to keep pursuing your athletic goals. But beware. Before you begin, there are a few things you should consider. A corona disease should not be taken lightly.

As well as competitive and recreational athletes should have A. after a positive Covid-19 test adequate sports break make complications like Inflammation of the heart muscle, cardiac arrhythmia, scarring of the lungs or vascular blockage avoid.

Corona can severely limit performance and cause lasting organ damage

Anyone who has no symptoms during the infection, but still trains intensively, risks, in the worst case, inflammation of the heart muscle or infiltration of the lungs. This can also have a negative impact on the course of the corona infection. Symptoms athletes may experience after contracting Covid include:

  • rapid exhaustion
  • shortness of breath
  • Shortness of breath under stress
  • Heart palpitations
  • tachycardia

A Covid-19 infection not only affects the respiratory tract, but can also cause damage to the whole body, even multi-organ failure is possible. Functional restrictions and damage to the heart, kidneys, liver and brain, among others, are also possible due to inflammation of the microvessels. This often goes unnoticed.

Corona disease: you should stop sports for as long

Of course, the duration of the sports break must be adapted to the severity of the disease.

If you no symptoms have you should Abstain from training for at least 14 days. to mild symptomsthat is, signs of illness such as cough or fever, it is recommended after illness abstain from sports for two to four weeks.

However, anyone who has contracted pneumonia should, to avoid risks, take a break from sports and physical exertion for at least four weeks. Myocarditis requires a Sports break of at least three months and a sports cardiologist should at best monitor the evolution.

Dangerous to return without testing

If you want to start exercising again after an infection, but you are not sure if it makes sense, you can have your health status and physical resistance checked beforehand. Even in the case of a course without symptoms, a physical examination is recommended, since the infection itself also leads to inflammation of the blood vessels. An exam can be used to determine if there are still signs of inflammation. It is important to know that strenuous exercise during inflammation can have serious consequences, including cardiac arrest or sudden cardiac death.

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The hasty decision to start training and risk serious repercussions can be avoided by Health checkup at the doctor’s office. According to the TU Mnchen, compulsory health insurance companies cover the costs of ECGs, cardiac ultrasounds and lung function tests.

Without corona disease, sports medical examinations are preventive services and are not included in the list of benefits of compulsory health insurance companies. If in doubt, however, you can inquire with the relevant health insurance fund, because now, thanks to the idea of ​​prevention, the health checks of sports doctors are partially or even completely covered.

Possible fitness tests

The sports break alone does not offer total security. There are different tests that can be performed as part of a sports fitness test. It becomes clear whether the heart or the lungs are also involved and various blood values ​​(including inflammation values) must also be determined. The following examinations are possible:

  • History and physical examination
  • Laboratory (determination of several blood values)
  • Resting ECG
  • Echocardiography
  • Stress echocardiography (heart ultrasound under stress)
  • Spirometry (small lung function test) or body plethysmography (large lung function test)
  • Spiroergometry (measurement of respiratory gases and lung function under stress)

Depending on the symptoms, the course of the disease, the individual risk profile and previous examinations, a decision is made as to which diagnosis makes sense in the individual case.

In general, it is important to resume slowly after a long break from sport due to illness. Yoga, for example, is good for this. Here you will find tips and exercises to get you started.

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