Share with a loss of billions – the weakness of the American markets weighs on the Dax

Market concerns: The weak figures in the USA are also weighing on the Dax. Technology stocks in particular are under pressure in the United States, while in Germany, shares of the Adler Group in particular are falling.

With losses it’s the Dax started on Monday in May. After the previous week was finally quite stable, the main German index fell 0.56% to 14,018 points in the first minutes of Xetra trading.

The MDax for mid-sized stocks fell 0.42% to 29,967 points. The flagship index of the euro zone, the EuroStoxx 50, lost 1.3%. The share of real estate company Adler Group fell particularly drastically ADLER group share after the opening of the stock market.

The weakness of the American markets weighs

The previous week, the Dax had already approached 13,500 points at times before recovering noticeably with a rise well above 14,000 points again. Nevertheless, a loss of a good two percent remained for April.

At the start of the week, the very weak US targets initially had a negative impact, where the most important indices had once again plunged deeply before the weekend. “The fact that May of all time starts now, which is preceded by a particularly bad reputation, is certainly not helpful,” explained market expert Thomas Altmann of asset manager QC Partners.

On the Nasdaq tech exchange, the Nasdaq 100 pick index landed at its lowest level since March 2021 after its weakest month since 2008. On Monday morning, however, U.S. futures rallied somewhat.

Interest rate fear puts pressure on markets

This week, investors are focused on the US Federal Reserve’s key interest rate decision on Wednesday as interest rates continue to rally. Following the recent clear signals from the Fed given the high level of inflation, the market expects a more pronounced increase in interest rates of 0.5 percentage point. Higher interest rates tend to weigh on the stock market.

Despite strong fluctuations at the moment, more robust companies should be able to deliver more consistent and solid results, wrote Matthew Benkendorf, investment strategist at Vontobel Quality Growth, in reference to the course of the current reporting season. and future quarterly reports. Quality companies with high margins could absorb cost increases and inflation, Benkendorf said.

Loss of billions to Adler

Shares of the Adler Group are under heavy pressure on the German stock market. The real estate group had already announced on Friday evening that the auditor KPMG would not be able to issue an audit opinion on the consolidated and individual accounts for 2021 after the end of the audit.

The annual figures, which Adler presented on Saturday and which showed a loss of a good billion euros due to depreciation, should probably be of secondary importance for investors.

The stock has since fallen 45%. The Adler debacle is also likely to weigh on the entire real estate sector, a trader said.

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