Rewind function included and estimated playing time revealed

An interview with game director “The Quarry” published today reveals new details. Among other things, he entered the approximate playing time and described the so-called “Death Rewind” function.

Game director Will Byles walks in a maintenance in progress among other things on the “Death Rewind” function. This is a replay mechanic that allows you to undo a character’s death. The player has three chances per run to be able to rewind after a fatal decision.

Usable under one of two conditions

However, only deluxe edition buyers will be able to use this feature out of the box. Everyone must first play through the story to unlock the rewind feature. You should avoid such a function on the first run anyway, as it removes the appeal of the decisions made and their consequences.

Because The Quarry as a whole 186 different endings should have, the rewind function is definitely useful. If you want to play through the horror adventure multiple times, you can ensure the survival of certain characters in later runs. Or you ensure that a former survivor dies as soon as possible.

You can control a total of nine characters throughout the story. Anything can happen: everyone can survive, but they can all die. The Death Rewind feature can help you achieve such an extreme scenario.

About ten hours per race

According to Byles, the player needs around ten hours of playing time for one run. Because the narrative horror game has high replay value thanks to the countless endings, much more time can be spent with “The Quarry.”

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It will be released on June 10 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC. Because last Friday the gold status has been announced, no postponement is expected.

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