Promotional hope is alive: TSV 1860 can expect the most dramatic season finale in years

Munich – Just imagine the following scenario: on May 14, TSV 1860, most of whom (and yes, the media too) had already denounced the promotion race, welcome Borussia Dortmund II to the Grünwalder stadium and create with a victory of their own alone to make the leap to the place of relegation. Sounds too good to be true? Let’s wait!

After a day of play the lions couldn’t have dreamed of better, this scenario could actually come true in just under two weeks. While 1860 confidently beat TSV Havelse 3-0 on Saturday thanks to a solid second half, the direct neighbors made a mess of the table.

1860 can still get six points, Kaiserslautern only three

The current third in the table, 1. FC Kaiserslautern, showed nervousness in the side game at the sold-out Betzenberg and suffered a 1: 3 loss against Borussia Dortmund II. As a result, the lions closed the gap to the relegation spot for five points with their three-pointer. What looks like an almost elusive deficit with two matchdays remaining could end in a final push of the season that can hardly be topped in terms of drama.

With the double against Havelse now top scorer in the 3rd league: Marcel Bär.

TSV 1860: Two cabins against Havelse – Marcel Bär leads the list of top scorers


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With two goals in the game against Havelse: striker Marcel Bär

Individual report of TSV 1860 against Havelse: The scores for the lions


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Background: The lions still have their two regular season games against already established champions 1. FC Magdeburg and Borussia Dortmund II in front of their chest. Lautern, meanwhile, will play his last match of the season next Sunday at Viktoria Köln.

Originally, the Red Devils’ game plan would have included the game against Türkgücü on the last matchday but that won’t happen after the Munich side stopped playing. Sixty can still get six points this season, Lautern only three.

If Kaiserslautern loses in Cologne: 1860 signals a match ball in the Grünwalder

The coming weekend promises to be extremely exciting. The six players are in the grateful position of being able to turn up the heat in next Saturday’s away game in Magdeburg and close the gap to Lautern to two points with a win. The Palatinate will only play in Cologne on Sunday – ideally with the lions’ hot breath blowing down their necks.

Michael Köllner on Saturday before the Havelse match at the microphone of Magenta Sport.

TSV 1860: Boris Becker, Ukraine, Edelfan – Köllner is interested in everything, just…


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If Lautern lost at Viktoria, Munich would actually have their match point for the relegation spot on the final day of the game against BVB, while Lautern would have to watch the game helpless in front of the TV. Lion supporters should definitely keep their fingers crossed for the people of Cologne next Sunday!

TSV 1860 narrowly missed out on promotion twice recently

The sheer number of subjunctive moods in this scenario shows that a lot has to come together for the Sechzger in order for the ascension to go one way or another. Mathematically, the dream of returning to the second division is still possible. You would think that after the two narrowly missed promotions, the Lions would still have a good one in Fortuna.

“We’ll go all the way and see what comes of it,” veteran midfielder Quirin Moll said after the game: “You have to do your homework and qualify for the final day.” Coach Michael Köllner apparently hasn’t given up on the climb either. “The season is only over at the end and not before!” said the 52-year-old.

Regardless of promotion, the Munich side moved closer to another very worthy goal for the season on Saturday: fourth place, which means a participation in the DFB Cup next season. Because not only the neighbor upstairs, but also the neighbor downstairs made a mistake on Saturday.

Race for fourth place: TSV 1860 takes to the air

At SC Freiburg II, VfL Osnabrück suffered a surprising 4-1 defeat. Heading into the day of the match, Lower Saxony were level on points with 1860 and were only in fifth place due to the lower goal difference of one goal. Now the two clubs separate not only three points, but also seven goals. At least, this last minimum objective should never be abandoned.

The Lions still have a lot to gain over the next two weeks – but also to lose. This might be the most gripping and memorable season finale in years!

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