“Ninja Warrior Germany – Allstars” once again shows what’s so nice about this show

“Ninja Warrior Germany” has been an integral part of the RTL program for a few years – and with good reason. Because the show offers stress-free entertainment TV for the whole family. The third preliminary round of the Allstars variant proved it again on Sunday evening.

There are TV shows for which the word “absurd” was coined. “Germany’s next top model” for example. And then there’s television, it’s so meditative, some would say boring, you can watch it even with a weak heart. Much of it begins with “Rosamunde Pilcher”. Other programs, on the other hand, make your heart beat faster or completely doubt humanity. “The stars’ summer house” comes to mind.

“Ninja Warriors Germany – Allstar” does not belong to any of these categories. The show is exciting, but not too much. It’s trivial but not entirely, funny but in moderation, weird but within the bounds of entertainment – but nothing you couldn’t live without. In short: “Ninja Warriors Germany – Allstars” cannot be surpassed in terms of safety, but it is so exciting and entertaining that it is a good pastime for the whole family.

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Reminder: In “Ninja Warrior Germany – Allstars” two “Ninja Warriors” cross an obstacle course made of bars, seesaws and walls. Whoever is faster or lasts longer than the opponent wins. There are five preliminary rounds, each of which takes place over three rounds. At the end, the top four from each preliminary round advance to the final show. There, the “ninjas” can earn 50,000 euros.

“Ninja Warrior Germany – Allstars”: Flying over “flying saucers”

The third preliminary round took place on Sunday evening and there were still 32 candidates on the mat, including Sladjan Djulabic, Gary Hines, Philipp Hans, Yannick Schmalfuss, Sarah Kopp, Katharina Blank, Viola Riechert, Jolina Thormann, Maria Henneken, Daniel Schmidt , Luca Fendrich, Leon Wismann, Chris Kroemer and Philipp Allgeuer.

don’t tell you anything Not bad, because “Ninja Warrior Germany” has its favorites but no stars, so you don’t have to worry about who your heart beats for. You can just sit back, relax and admire the control of the athletes body and allow the best to win – just like the contestants do to each other.

Leon Wismann, 20, and Benjamin Schmidt-Markurt, 13, started on Sunday evening. First, the two went on pillars through a pool of water. Here the two were still equal, as well as at the second pool of water, which the two candidates had to overcome with the help of a pole, large rotating wheels and a pendular trunk for each.

On the “flying saucers”, narrow discs for swinging, Schmidt-Markurt took a small lead, which he maintained even after the giant wobbling dominoes and the suspension along oscillating rings.

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“We do our best, have fun and it’s great to be here”

This is how Schmidt-Markurt was the first to reach the very steep final wall, which he managed to overcome on the first attempt, unlike his competitor. In the end, Schmidt-Markurt was the first to hit the buzzer after a very fast 38.91 seconds. His opponent, Leon Wisman, was offside and losing: “It was a great performance from him and I can’t keep up if I put my safety first.”

The youngest of the round started the second women’s duel of the evening. The only 18-year-old Jolina Thormann had to play against Maria Henneken, who was twice her age, and did a good job. Thormann didn’t have to do her job any more neatly either, as her competitor was already going to swim at the second obstacle when she slid off the trunk of the pendulum and landed in the pool. “We do our best, we have fun and it’s great to be here,” Henneken, who is comfortable in other sports, explained his philosophy.

And so 16 of the 32 contestants shimmy, topspin, swing and climb in the next round and it was actually Benjamin Schmidt-Markurt who straight away set the fastest time in the first round and by the way won the prize of 5,000 euros. They’re nice on the running count, but they didn’t help him in the second round either. The course was rebuilt for the eight duels.

Via the Power Tower to the Final

First it was on shaky surfboards, then followed bungee flying before you had to climb two L-shaped beams. In the “Clockwork” you had to pull yourself up the course to what you finally entered the “chimney”, where you had to push yourself with your arms and legs. Then “just” press the button and “already” you were in the last lap. This Sunday evening Benjamin Schmidt-Markurt, Jolina Thormann, Michael Markantelli, Daniel Schmidt, Viola Riechert, Lukas Kern, Philipp Allgeuer and Sladjan Djulabic achieved this feat.

So these eight “ninjas” were in the third round – and then there was the so-called Power Tower and of course the respective opponent between the contestants and the final. Whoever was able to overcome the huge scaffolding wall in front of his opponent could still hope for the prize money and in this case it was Benjamin Schmidt-Markurt, Viola Riechert, Daniel Schmidt and Sladjan Djulabic.

Clearly everyone here would love to win the show. But the nice thing about this televised competition is that contestants want to show it less to the opponent and more to themselves. Like Michael Markantelli. Although he is already one lap away due to an error by his opponent, he still finishes the run and then says about his reasons: “The course is not there for no reason.”

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