New report: Does education make Germany a war party?

New assessment
Does education make Germany a war party?

When it comes to supplying heavy weapons to Ukraine, the question arises whether this makes you a party to the war. Under international law, however, that is not the case – it is different if Ukrainian soldiers are trained on German soil, according to a new report. Spicy: This is already happening.

The training of Ukrainian soldiers in Western weapons, which is already taking place on German soil, may represent participation in the war by the West under international law. This is what emerges from a report by the scientific service of the Bundestag, reported by the German editorial network (RND).

According to the report, there is consensus that Western arms deliveries do not count as going to war under international law – as long as one is not involved in combat operations. However, he goes on to say: “Only if, in addition to the supply of weapons, the instruction of the party to the conflict or the training in these weapons was also a problem, that one leaves the area security of non-war.” In short: arms deliveries are irreproachable under international law, the training of soldiers is a gray area.

The legal status of ‘no war’ has replaced ‘traditional neutrality’ in international legal practice over the past few decades, to allow states under attack – such as Ukraine at this time – to be supported by military deliveries. and money, according to the experts.

The United States is already training Ukrainians in Germany

The 12-page report by the scientific service, intended to provide neutral advice to members of the Bundestag, is titled “Legal issues of military support to Ukraine by NATO states between neutrality and participation in the conflict”. It was created in March, that is, before the decision of the Federal Government and the Bundestag to deliver German anti-aircraft tanks (“Gepard”) directly to Ukraine and at the same time to train Ukrainian soldiers to Western weapons.

The US Department of Defense said on Friday that the US military was already training Ukrainian soldiers on weapons systems. The training takes place at US military bases in Germany in consultation with the federal government, which helps with coordination and organization. At a military conference in Ramstein, Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht also said the Bundeswehr was involved with the United States and the Netherlands in training Ukrainian soldiers on German soil.

The left in the Bundestag criticized this as Germany’s entry into the war in Ukraine: “The traffic light coalition and the Union have Germany with its decision by the Bundestag to deliver heavy weapons to Ukraine and also Ukrainian soldiers ‘in Germany or in NATO territory.’ federal government exposes the whole of Europe to a completely uncontrollable danger which, in the worst case, could end in a nuclear war, as Chancellor Scholz warned only a few days ago”, declared Nastic.

Olaf Scholz had repeatedly stressed that he wanted to avoid a direct military confrontation with Russia. Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock had always stressed that the deployment of Western troops in the combat zone was decisive under international non-war law. The report says combat operations from NATO territory – such as launching fighter jets with Ukrainian pilots – would also be considered.

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