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It won’t be long before PlayStation Plus (PS Plus) gets some brand new rules. In order to make its service a full-fledged competitor to the Game Pass, Sony will soon rethink the offer in depth. In May, however, this has yet to have an effect. Also in the new month, you can expect three engaging games that can be added to your game library as part of the games subscription. The following games will be available for download from Tuesday, May 3, 2022.

FIFA 22 (PS5 + PS4)

Perhaps the biggest surprise of May is the delivery of the FIFA 22 title. Sure, the best football game has over six months under its belt now, but the game is appearing relatively early in the PS Plus cosmos. But that shouldn’t bother fans of EA Sports’ most successful game. You can download and start playing “FIFA 22” on PlayStation 4 (PS4) and PlayStation 5 (PS5). And not just alone in front of the console at home, but also online in captivating multiplayer matches if you wish.

The PlayStation Plus FUT Pack for FIFA 22 Ultimate Team also helps PlayStation Plus members start their brand new Ultimate Team or strengthen their existing one. This pack contains eleven players with a rating of 82 or higher and will help you build your dream squad in the Ultimate Team game mode. And with Icon Moments Loan Players, you can choose from some of the best players in football history and add one of three out of five matches to your squad.

Tribes of Midgard (PS5 + PS4)

The survival and ARPG game “Tribes of Midgard” is also available for PS4 and PS 5. Whether alone or in online cooperative mode, in this game you can immerse yourself in the universe of Norse mythology. As Einherjar, brought back to life by Odin, the father of the gods himself, you are charged with defending the seed of Yggdrasil against the forces of evil bent on bringing about Ragnarök, the downfall of the gods. With up to ten combat companions, you must explore the wilderness of Midgard to collect the resources, materials and hidden treasures needed to forge new weapons, epic armor and fortify your village. Problem: Great dangers lurk in Midgard in the form of giants and great beasts of Norse legend. Sounds like an extended action-adventure? He is!

Curse of the Dead Gods (PS4)

Curse of the Dead Gods is still available exclusively on PS4 in May. In this single-player game, you explore a cursed temple that turns out to be a seemingly endless maze of bottomless pits, deadly traps, and menacing monsters. In this context, a watchful eye is essential for survival. On the way to the goal, you collect mystical relics and an arsenal of weapons. Evil deities make your life as difficult as fire-breathing statues, explosives, hidden spikes and worse. And then there’s the issue of curses, which can directly affect your playstyle.

How much does PS Plus cost?

Access to PS Plus in a monthly subscription is available for 8.99 euros. You can also opt for a 3-month subscription and then pay 24.99 euros. The annual subscription is available for EUR 59.99, which is the equivalent of EUR 5 per month. You can buy codes for PS Plus on Amazon, among other places.

By the way: PS Plus games that were activated in the previous month are only available to download today (Monday, May 2, 2022). If you still want to add Hood: Outlaws & Legends, SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated, and Slay the Spire to your game library, you better hurry.

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