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According to the Utrecht police, the Netherlands has a new driving genius!

The four-year-old talent was discovered on a road trip – in mum’s car, of all things. The trip could have ended dangerously. But fortunately no one was hurt in this story and even the police are fascinated by the boy’s driving skills.

The little runner put on the policeman’s jacket

Officials made the case public on Instagram: On Saturday they were called to the Overvecht district. Passers-by spotted the boy barefoot and in pajamas and put him in a hot car until police arrived.

Rescue workers were also called, but their task was limited to delivering a teddy bear as a gift. But: There was still no trace of the boy’s parents!

A teddy bear was given as a gift and for comfort

A teddy bear was given as a gift and for comfort

So the kid came to the police station and had a hot chocolate. Meanwhile, police were suddenly flagged as a hit and run: a vehicle had rammed into two parked cars – the polluter had driven around.

You are laughing at me ? You are serious when you say that! The driver was already sitting with the police and enjoying his hot drink. The boy’s mother was found using the license plates.

A police spokesperson: “She told us that her child was very enterprising. She spoke to the child on the phone and we saw later that he was gesturing with his hands and making a waving motion. This raised the suspicion that the child might have been behind the wheel.” Along with the mother and child, the police went to the vehicle.

The police spokesperson continued: “At the car, we asked the child if he could show us how the car worked. The child unlocked the car with the key and put the key in the ignition. He started the car, put his left foot on the clutch and accelerated.

Apparently, when the child’s father went to work, the child woke up, secretly took the car key and drove off. And in the end, the officials even took it with humor. The boy reminded officials of a famous Dutch Formula 1 driver…

They wrote on Instagram: “New Max Verstappen found!”

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