May outing breaks records: Over 13,000 bikers flock to Nuremberg – Nuremberg

– It was a tradition for a long time, now it’s back – with a new record: After a two-year Corona break, more than 13,000 bikers gathered on the Münchner Straße in Nuremberg for the May outing on Sunday. Many have traveled far.

There was a lot of buzz and roar in Nuremberg on Sunday. Like every year, thousands of bikers met on May 1 for the traditional start of the season – after a two-year Corona break, this is the first mega-outing. But this year the show, which actually has no official organizer and was born out of an old tradition, broke all records. At the peak, the police were able to count more than 13,000 bikers in and around the gas station on Münchner Strasse.

The first machines arrived as early as 8 a.m., as police spokesman Michael Petzold knows. Many motorcycle enthusiasts had come from afar, because the traditional May Day outing is well known far beyond the borders of Nuremberg. “You can’t miss the chance,” says Manfred, biker friend, journalist from News5 locally, driving is for him an “individual freedom”.

Huge influx – Münchner Straße closed

Out of town, one machine after another lined up, from classic cars to choppers and pocket bikes to trekkers. A crowd of spectators watched the action from the side of the road. “That’s a huge number of participants and a new record in Nuremberg. So far, the maximum in recent years has been 11,500 participants,” says Petzold. He suspects that the good weather and the fact that there has been no meeting for the past two years are the reasons for the high turnout. In recent years, the number of participants has fluctuated between 5,000 and 10,000.

Münchener Straße had to remain closed from the corner of Trierer Straße out of town until around 1 p.m., after which the event gradually dissolved, according to the spokesperson. From Münchner Straße, motorcyclists then headed off in groups to various destinations in Middle Franconia and beyond, with Weltenburg Monastery also a popular destination.

However, the traffic jam in Nuremberg was limited, probably also because the police had announced the closure well in advance. Petzold speaks of a successful start to the 2022 motorcycle season, “It was very calm and there were no police problems”. Nevertheless, he advises motorcyclists to drive particularly carefully and with foresight at the start of the new season and to wear bright clothing that is clearly visible everywhere.

Minister announces measures against riot bikers

Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann announced stricter controls for motorcyclists on Friday. “I can understand the great dissatisfaction of many locals on the popular motorcycle and excursion routes,” said the CSU politician in Aufsess, Upper Franconia, where more and more people are protesting against noise pollution caused by the two wheels.

Herrmann announced that in the future, police would “specifically remove bullies and hooligans from traffic noise.” Fines of up to 100 euros are threatened – and “in the event of manipulation of the exhaust systems, the operating license also expires”, said the minister.

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