Luke Mockridge on Bully’s ‘LOL’: ‘I didn’t want to be on a flop’ – friends

The comedians of the hit format “LOL: Last One Laughing” can only laugh heartily at his response!

Ever since Luke Mockridge (33) reported to the public, he has caused a stir. Sometimes the uncomfortable kind.

Referring to the serious allegations of abuse against him and the outpouring of hatred he felt as a result, he said somewhat sheepishly after his long hiatus when he returned to the stage in March: “Some time ago , I was not sure to reproduce myself . The scene will show me…”

But old Luke is back. He doesn’t just use his stage program to distribute as usual. He also occasionally fails on social media.

At Easter, for example, he posed radiantly with actress and comedian Joyce Ilg (38), who commented on the joint photo with a tasteless saying. Apparently he thought it was funny and shared the post with himself as well.

Now he’s making himself unpopular again because he’s shooting Instagram hit comedy comedy Bully Herbigs (54).

Mirco Nontschew († 52, 6th from left) can last be seen in the third season of the hit comedy with his family Foto: Frank Zauritz/Prime Video/dpa

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Mirco Nontschew († 52, 6th from left) can be last seen in the third season of the hit comedy with his family “LOL”. Also present at his side: Axel Stein, Palina Rojinski, Christoph Maria Herbst, Carolin Kebekus, Michael “Bully” Herbig, Abdelkarim, Hazel Brugger, Anke Engelke, Michelle Hunziker and Olaf Schubert (from left to right)Photo: Frank Zauritz/Prime Video/dpa

The third season of the hit comedy series “LOL” has been live on Amazon Prime since April 14. The stars of the scene are vying to be allowed to participate in the laughter.

But Luke obviously sees things differently!

As fans curled up laughing on the couch at current ‘LOL’ stars like Anke Engelke (56), Michelle Hunziker (45) or Christoph Maria Herbst (56) and because of the late comedy star Mirco Nontschew († 52) this time also shed a few tears as he makes us laugh one last time, Mockridge pulls one out of the profanity box.

“Do you want to join the LOL series?” the comedian asked during a recent Instagram Q&A.

His response: “I was asked about the first season and I thought the idea was so stupid that I didn’t want to be on a flop…”

Luke Mockridge slammed the comedy Foto: thereallukemockridge/Instagram

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Here’s how Luke Mockridge answered a question about the hit comedy “LOL” in an Instagram Q&APhoto: thereallukemockridge/Instagram

Either way, he was off the mark with his assessment of the flop. He probably sees it today too, but the saying is still not well received. Because the idea – ten comedy celebrities are locked in a room and not allowed to laugh – hasn’t changed since the first season.

Even if it’s just his very particular humor, this attitude is probably no longer relevant and his smiley seems to sink into the ground – this response comes across as arrogant and not funny to many.

“A fourth season of ‘Last One Laughing’ is only a matter of when, not if,” Philip Pratt, who is responsible for all German productions at Amazon, explained long ago.

Then the show breaks all records and is already cult. Fees for top stars should according to BILD information up to 100,000 euros. Luke Mockridge’s first thoughts will remain stuck in his throat.

He did not explicitly say if he had changed his mind given the success of the show and would now like to participate in another season. But would the creators invite him at all?

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