‘Let’s Dance’ Star Ekaterina Leonova With Emotional Explanation: ‘Magic Moment’

For Bastian Bielendorfer and Ekaterina Leonova it is now the end of the line on “Let’s Dance”.Image: dpa / Rolf Vennenberg

After the ninth live broadcast of “Let’s Dance” last Friday, Bastian Bielendorfer and Ekaterina Leonova were cast in the show. The comedian didn’t really manage to convince with his dancing at any point during the season, but he enhanced the format with his humor to compensate – and it was well received by viewers. He himself is open about his weaknesses on the pitch and said after his exit: “The fact that I almost made it to the finals of a dance show is just completely absurd.” Previously, he apologized to his adversaries week after week for making progress on the show.

So he will not become a “Dancing Star”, but his participation was definitely worth it: he developed a close friendship with his dance partner Ekaterina Leonova, the two want to keep in touch even after leaving “Let’s Dance”. As proof, they spoke on Instagram as a double pack on Sunday – even if they no longer train together.

“Let’s Dance” couple of inseparable dancers

“Team Sex-Rocket will never separate, we live together now,” Bastian jokes in the clip shared on Instagram, and adds: “After Friday’s nasty loss, she said she would give me custody.” Sure, the two aren’t that close to each other, but the fact that they’re spending time together again despite leaving says a lot. Alluding to the motto of the last show, Ekat finally says in the story:

“You are forever my magic moment!”

Ekat and Bastian are despite their

Ekat and Bastian are in good spirits despite their “Let’s Dance” release.Image: ekatleonova/instagram

“We will forever be our own Magic Moment. No dancer will ever get into your heart like this again“Bastian then responds confidently to his dance partner – and she doesn’t contradict him at all. Finally, she reveals with a laugh that a video should actually be released over the weekend in which the dancing couple thank fans for to be moved on to the next round. , for obvious reasons But that needs to be undone now.

However, Ekaterina and Bastian don’t let this spoil their mood. “Don’t be sad dear, next week we’ll be watching TV or in the studio,” he tells subscribers, after which Ekat directly asks: “Let’s go to the studio. The comedian immediately agrees with that, after all he can encourage the other candidates much better that way.

Ekaterina Leonova and Bastian Bielendorfer celebrate despite “Let’s Dance”-Aus

Incidentally, the power duo even followed suit later on Instagram: On the same day, a visit to the bar was documented, during which the two couldn’t help but have fun and the professional dancer waved a tea bag in front of the comedian’s face. No doubt: Bastian and Ekat managed the end of the show well.


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