Jemima sings through ‘The Voice Kids’ 2022 finale

15-year-olds from Wermelskirchen on “The Voice Kids”
Jemima sings her way to the final

The young singer from Wermelskirchen is one of the top nine of “The Voice Kids”. The final will be broadcast live on Saturday 1 May 6. The 15-year-old finds it hard to believe.

She is the first of “Team Lena” to be on stage on Friday evening: Jemima is still racing. With her third appearance, the 15-year-old qualified for the final of the talent show “The Voice Kids”. Then, she falls into the arms of her family backstage. “Finale,” she calls, rounding the corner. And then: “Finale. Oh my god, that’s awesome, isn’t it? I can’t believe it.”

However, it should have been clear to the public and many television viewers quite quickly on Friday evening that Lena Meyer-Landrut would offer the young singer from Wermelskirchen a ticket to the final. Immediately after the final battles, the five team candidates faced off against each other. They brought those songs on stage with which they had previously performed during the blind auditions for the Sat.1 talent show.

At the time, Jemima brought all four judges to tears with her rendition of Christina Aguilera’s “Say Something.” And when she begins to sing the now familiar melody, the jury is in heaven. The audience applauds. And Jemima’s father behind the scene also has tears in his eyes.

“Wow”, exclaims Lena Meyer-Landrut. “Good,” says Michi Beck of the Fantastischen Vier, who usually refrains from using words of praise. Alvaro Soler drops his head into his hands.
And Jemina: She’s back on stage with her eyes closed. It is only when she lowers the microphone that she looks at the audience. And laughs. She still seems reserved, thanks for the cheers and applause.

And then the moderator Thore Schölermann asks him where all these feelings come from. Jemima does not flirt, she raises the microphone: “I associate the song with my mother because she died two years ago. And I also feel fully connected to the song. Her father backstage has tears that run down her cheeks.

In the blink of an eye, Sat.1 then presents the candidates of “Team Lena” – without any commercial breaks. The young Lara sings “Shake It Off”, Emil presents the French piece “Voila”, Paulina brings a tune from Disney and Rebeca, who did not participate in the battles, sings “The Winner Takes It All”. Then there is a commercial break before Lena Meyer-Landrut has to choose two of her singers.

“With you, Emil,” she said. And the boy is very happy with the well-deserved ticket to the final. Jemima shivers briefly, looks down, and waits. “The second talent I want to go to the final with is Jemima,” she said afterwards. The 15-year-old puts her hand over her mouth and looks around in disbelief. “Emile and Jemima. It’s the perfect combination of heart, soul and emotion,” says Lena Meyer-Landrut. The finale will air on May 6.

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