I am Groot! LEGO Marvel 76217 Baby Groot with all official images

LEGO Marvel 76217 I Am Groot Blankets

Among the many new LEGO Summer releases that surfaced tonight was a new Marvel highlight we’ve been waiting for. Adorable baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy can move into your home from June thanks to LEGO 76217 I am Groot.

While we still have to wait for the other two LEGO Marvel sets 76218 Sanctum Sanctorum and 76216 Iron Man Hall of Armor, LEGO 76217 I Am Groot is already listed on the LEGO Online Shop.

LEGO 76217 I am Groot

The LEGO Baby Groot consists of 476 pieces and from there June 1, 2022 for an RRP of €49.99 start selling. Groot changes his appearance from movie to movie, so this version depicts Baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy 2. -hero. Nevertheless, Baby Groot is of course still cute and as part of the LEGO Marvel series of sets for Infinity Sage, he is now transformed into a large version:

LEGO Marvel 76217 I Am Groot 2

With 26cm tall is the Groot built in approximately 1:1 scale and comes with a tape of Awesome Mix Volume 2. There is also a plaque, but all information about the little tree creature is simply “I am Groot” .

LEGO Marvel 76217 I Am Groot 1

The color of the new Baby Groot is dark tan with small olive green leaves (new color for the room!). The arms, legs and head can be moved thanks to the integrated ball joints, so you can play with the little rascal or put him in different poses. The eyes are printed shields. Stickers are used for other details such as tree bark.

LEGO Marvel 76217 I am Groot 6

Full set details

  • Game number: 76217
  • Name: I am Groot
  • Age indication: 10+
  • Number of rooms: 476
  • Number of miniatures: 0
  • Price (PVC): 49.99 euros
  • Released: June 1, 2022

More pictures:

New parts in the Baby Groot

LEGO 76217 I am Groot includes some cool new pieces that I am personally looking forward to. Of particular note is the 1×1 plate with leaves, a versatile plant element that comes in olive green thanks to the set.

LEGO Marvel 76217 I Am Groot New Parts 02

For the head, small mudguards are installed in olive and a large one in dark tan as a mouth. The robotic arm’s fingers are a color first, as are the 1×2 plates with claws used to represent the sturdy bark.

LEGO Marvel 76217 I Am Groot New Parts

What do you think of the new Baby Groot? Do you like the implementation of the Guardians of the Galaxy team member? Let us know what you think of the new LEGO Marvel set in the comments!

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