‘Goodbye Germany’: Tragedy overshadows marriage in Uganda

Updated on 04/30/2022 at 09:55

  • The love is great, the excitement too.
  • But before “Goodbye Germany” emigrant Roman Stöcker can marry his Ugandan fiancée Deliah Nalukwago, there are a number of hurdles to overcome, including Culture Clash.
  • Because family has a lot to say in this East African country.

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“An incredibly great person” who “inspires her in many ways” is her fiancé, enthused “Goodbye Germany” emigrant Roman Stöcker (41) in the current episode of the VOX docu-series . It was easy to understand, because Deliah Nalukwago, a 31-year-old health-tech entrepreneur, who lived in China for eleven years and studied medicine there, exudes a lot of warmth and wisdom.

The couple seemed very harmonious, although after a year and a half of relationship they only met for the third time. And then get married right away? Both were sure of their cause, but before they could exchange their vows at Munyonyo near the Ugandan capital of Kampala, various rituals had to be observed.

“The whole family is making the preparations – it’s like 20 CEOs in one company! Wish me luck!” Deliah asked the VOX crew. And it wasn’t just any family: Deliah’s father is related to Buganda royalty! Buganda is a kingdom of present-day Uganda. It was all the more important for Roman and his patchwork family, who had come specially, to make a good impression.

“Goodbye Germany”: the best man is stuck

But first, everyone had to get there. Ironically, Roman’s best man, his brother Manuel (24), was stranded in Germany because his passport was no longer valid for long enough. Deliah tried to use his contacts, but in the end it worked out this way: an exception was made for Manuel, he was allowed to enter the country. After that, until the wedding in a week, ceremonies lasting several hours almost every day, such as the traditional kukyala, where the groom’s family meets with tribal elders and the bride’s family and father, who can still veto it.

Roman’s parents, brothers and friends strove to perform all the rituals correctly, despite great fatigue and unusual heat, always closely watched by Deliah’s relatives. “We’re out of breath here,” Manuel admitted after a while, and Deliah also remarked, “The German crew have been up for four hours. They’re trying to be friendly, but I see their faces on faces exhaustion.”

In the interview, she exclaimed sympathetically, “I wish it was a little nicer for her.” After all: Deliah’s father agreed after the ceremony, the wedding could take place.

Tragedy eclipses marriage: “Now all Germans think the worst”

But Deliah is in tears again: two days before the wedding, there was an attack in downtown Kampala: two explosions left six dead and 33 injured. “It’s the worst thing that could have happened,” Deliah commented tearfully. “I think now all Germans think the worst of my country and my family.”

She doubted Roman’s parents wanted him to get married here, where it’s not even safe. Also, her clothes were stuck in town, no one could pick her up in the chaos, the town was in a state of emergency. And almost nothing was over at the wedding venue. Both are “borderline something,” admitted Roman.

In the end, however, the wedding did take place, even at the risk of being wrong. For example, the groom was not allowed to publicly cry during the six-hour ceremony, which Roman found difficult: “I had to stop myself from crying because I was so excited and she was so incredibly beautiful.”

Roman and his Deliah are deeply in love.

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He was able to hold back his tears, but he himself handed over the roosters he had bought for Deliah’s brothers, although a member of his family should have done so. “I don’t always have the whole label on screen.”

He could be forgiven: Deliah’s dad, Junus, gave his blessing to the youngest of his ten children and Roman – and the newlyweds looked exhausted, relieved and happy about their future together in Uganda and Germany. (ch)
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