‘Ghost of Kyiv’ shot down? Ukrainian Army is now correcting the caption

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The first photo of the mysterious “Ghost of Kyiv”. © Screenshot/Facebook/General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The “ghost of kyiv” has become the hero of Ukraine’s resistance to Russia. Ukraine now contradicts a death report.

Update from May 1, 6:50 p.m.: Information about the so-called “ghost of kyiv” has been causing a stir since the start of the war in Ukraine. The pilot is said to have shot down nearly 40 Russian planes. Well reported the British Timethat the pilot had been shot down (see first report). The Ukrainian army now contradicts this. After the report, the Air Force wrote via Twitter that the report of the pilot’s death was “incorrect”. “The spirit of Kyiv is alive,” he said. But then the Ukrainian Air Force announced that the “ghost of Kyiv” was not a single pilot. Rather, the term is an embodiment of the community spirit of pilots defending kyiv and the region around the capital.

The Air Force also more accurately reported via Facebook that the term refers to all pilots of the Air Force’s 40th Tactical Brigade: “The spirit of kyiv is a superhero legend whose character was created by Ukrainians”.

Neither representation can currently be verified by an independent party. However, experts previously doubted that there could be a pilot who single-handedly shot down 40 Russian planes. Especially since most Russian planes were hit by surface-to-air missiles.

‘Ghost of Kyiv’ apparently killed in action – UK newspaper publishes identity

First report of April 30: Kyiv/London – The Ukrainian military pilot, who became known as the “ghost of Kyiv” in the Ukrainian conflict, apparently died during the war, according to reports from Ukraine. The British newspaper reports Time citing several Ukrainian sources.

It has long been disputed on social media if the man really exists. Now published on Time a name: Major Stepan Tarabalka was 29 at the time of his death and was also the father of a child. According to reports, the pilot, revered as a war hero in Ukraine, died on March 13.

Ukrainian War: “Ghost of Kyiv” died fighting in his plane

The pilot died in action: while fighting “overwhelming” enemy forces, his plane, a MiG-29, was shot down.

Rumor has it that a pilot shot down six Russian fighter planes on the first day of the war. There must have been forty in all. After almost becoming a myth, a photo of the “Ghost of kyiv” was published by the Ukrainian general staff on social networks, among others – without the identity of the man being known.

Ukrainian War: Spirit of Kyiv has become a symbol of Ukraine’s resistance to Russia

At the very beginning of the Ukrainian War, international surprise was caused by the fact that Ukraine had resisted the attack of the supposedly overwhelming Russian army – and had quickly thwarted the capture of the capital kyiv.

As a result, the pilot had become a symbol of Ukrainian resistance. The fact that he has now fallen should not detract from his myth. (cat)

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