Free apps for Android and iOS: these Pro versions are currently free

Do you use a mobile phone with Android or iOS? So you are absolutely right in this article. Because we have spotted for you the current discount campaigns in the Google Play Store and the Apple AppStore. There will definitely be something for you in the second edition of our free apps!

There are countless free apps to download for your mobile phone. However, most come with nasty ads or lure you into the long bank with in-app purchases. For this reason, we are looking for discount campaigns twice a week in the Google Play Store and in the AppStore, for which you actually get paid apps for free.

Also free for 1 month:
Over 180 TV channels on up to 4 devices at the same time

Also this weekend, you can use this article to get free content for your smartphone. We divide our list into Android and iOS as well as mobile apps and games. But before we start, an insider tip:

Point: Found an exciting app, but can’t get enough of your mobile phone memory right now? In this case, it is better to install it anyway, then remove it again. Since it is now one of your purchased apps, you can install it again for free in the future.

Free apps and mobile games in the Google Play Store

Free apps for your Android phone

  • Learn Korean word quiz (€8.49) Learn Korean alphabet, characters and pronunciation of Korean alphabet with this app. Available for beginners, intermediate and advanced. (only available in English)
  • Livemocha: learn languages (0.89 €) This special edition of Livemocha offers 12 additional dialogues to the 27 standard dialogues. American English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Brazilian Portuguese are available.
  • speed math (€1.29): Speed ​​​​Math contains math mini-games to practice several operations and gives you a very short time to decide if the equation is wrong or right. Are you ready? (only available in English)
  • High-end camera (€3.69) Use this camera app to take timed burst photos. A niche feature, which the app serves very well according to reviewers. (only available in English)
  • Photo Motion & Photo Animator (2.99 €) Animate your photos and create exciting short videos with the Photo Motion app.
  • Phone Booster Pro (€9.99) If you’re looking for an app to optimize your smartphone’s performance, try this one, which has 4.1 stars from over 4,000 reviews. (only available in English)
  • task destroyer (€1.99): A task manager disguised as a game! Once you complete a date, all you have to do is shoot it down with your spaceship. (only available in English)

Free games for your Android phone

  • Stickman Captions (€0.99): Shadow War is a role-playing game (RPG) with PVP (player versus player) scenarios and is free for the next seven days.
  • Defense Zone 2 HD (2.69 €) Great tower defense game that gets really difficult in higher levels.
  • Monster Killer Pro Assassin (€1.19): Action shooter with RPG elements and different characters and playstyles to choose from.
  • Happy GO Monkey (€0.69) 75 different levels in the style of an old fashioned flash game. (only available in English)
  • Stickman Ghost Premium (€0.59): Fight the darkness with an assortment of swords, special abilities, and items in this side-scrolling action game.

Free apps and mobile games in the AppStore

Free apps for your iPhone and iPad

  • pedometer. walker (2.29 €): A free activity tracker designed to motivate you to move a little more every day. (only available in English)
  • MP3 converter: audio converter (€3.49) Convert your media files to any audio format. Supported output formats: aac, m4a, m4b, m4v, m4r, ac3, flac, ogg, mp3, amr, mp2, mpg, mpeg, wav, wma and more. (only available in English)
  • Note Vault Pro (€5.49) Are you worried that someone might peek at your notes? You can use this app to lock them using Face ID or Touch ID.
  • Phone Drive – Air File Sharing ($3.99): Sync your files to your Windows PC or Mac using iPhone or iPad as portable storage.
  • RGB keyboard (2.29 €): Are you jealous of the cool kids with their mechanical RGB keyboards? Now you can get such a cool keyboard on your iPhone. (only available in English)
  • Organize links and photos: Stack (2.29 €) A “bookmark for everything” indicates the description of this application. You can save links, notes, images and more. (only available in English)
  • Slope (€1.09): Apply retro filters and even retro date stamps to your photos. Just like the good old days of analog film and photography.

Dinosaur Park – Primeval Zoo, play for free
Recreate fantastic wildlife with prehistoric creatures!

Free games for your iPhone and iPad

  • Shadow Of Death: Premium Games (€1.09) A dark fantasy action RPG about annihilating your enemies with different gameplay styles. Animations are inspired by fighting games and you can choose between warriors and different weapons. (only available in English)
  • Panmorphy (€3.49) This game is reminiscent of puzzle games like “The Room”. The point-and-click puzzle impresses with very nice graphics and a great story. (only available in English)
  • SPHAZE: science fiction puzzle game (€1.09): A puzzle game about moving a small robot from A to B. My colleague Casi also tested the game a few weeks ago.
  • Rogue Hearts (€1.09) A challenging roguelike game with dungeon crawling features. Embark on a dangerous dungeon adventure with your heroes and find out how to survive the waves of monsters, traps and bosses lurking in the dark. (only available in English)
  • Hex – AI Board Game (€1.09) The iOS version of the classic Hex puzzle game. Outsmart other players or the AI ​​on a 6×6 board. (only available in English)
  • Drop-flop! (€1.09): Minimalist game in which you can test your reflexes. Because you have to drop balls on the field and catch them. (only available in English)
  • Motorcycle Race Pro (2.29 €): A physics racing game in which you have to bring the motorbike (or quad) to the end of the stages. (only available in English)

What do you think of our picks for this week? Did you find other interesting apps or games in Google Play Store or Apple App Store? Feel free to let us know your suggestions in the comments.

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