“DSDS” at low point? Even this SWR show beats RTL show ratings

Florian Silbereisen, Ilse DeLange and Toby Gad form the new “DSDS” jury. On Saturday night, a hit show “SWR” won them out in terms of quota.Picture: dpa / Roberto Pfeil

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Last year it was surprisingly announced that after almost 20 years Dieter Bohlen would no longer be a member of the jury of the popular casting show “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”. Since 2022, the jury has a completely new composition. However, the quotas have remained in the basement ever since.

“DSDS” finds itself behind the SWR Schlager show

The new orientation of “DSDS” does not seem to be well received by the public. Now, even a hit show on SWR “DSDS” has surpassed him in terms of quota. “Schlager-Fiß” with Andy Borg reached around 1.8 million people this Saturday evening. Only about 1.6 million viewers got stuck with “DSDS”.

Moderator Andy Borg: On Saturday, he was able to inspire a large audience.

Moderator Andy Borg: On Saturday, he was able to inspire a large audience.Image: Mandoga Media / Mandoga Media

Andy Borg can rejoice. In 2015 he had to give up the “Musikantenstadl” in the first. He was injured at the time. The intended broadcaster. The format “to prepare for the future”. The upgrade did not work out, as the music show has since been discontinued.

Andy Borg has now given SWR a fantastic rating. The public broadcaster was able to gain a market share of 7.1% with “Schlager-Fiß”, as the online media magazine “DWDL” reports.

The reorientation of “DSDS” in question?

In view of these declines in audience, was the change in orientation of “DSDS” the right decision?

Pop singer Florian Silbereisen: Can he?

Pop singer Florian Silbereisen: Can he inspire as a “DSDS” juror just like Dieter Bohlen?Image: dpa center image / Matthias leg

In season 19, Florian Silbereisen, Ilse DeLange and Toby Gad sit behind the jury. More recently, guest judges have also surprised the young singers. Thomas Anders was already there, or recently Joachim Llambi, known for his harsh criticism of the RTL show “Let’s Dance”.

We search in vain for Dieter Bohlen. The broadcaster would like to become more family friendly, so it was no longer suitable. However, Bohlen was the face and figurehead of the RTL music show for years.


RTL single Anna Hofbauer fell in love on the show in 2014, but that love wasn’t destined to last forever: In 2017, the actress and her winner Marvin Albrecht announced their separation after almost three years of dating. Anna is now married and has one child: In February 2018, the Bavarian-born and her acting colleague Marc Barthel went public with their relationship. Their son Leo was born in November 2019 and a year later they secretly got married on December 26, 2020 in the Allgäu.

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