doctor Johannes Wimmer: He shows a rare photo with his granddaughter

Sometimes sadness and happiness go hand in hand. The famous television doctor Dr. Johannes Wimmer (38) and his wife Clara (34) do just that. Their daughter Maximilia died in November 2020 aged nine months after losing a battle with a malignant brain tumour. A terrible moment for the family. But then the big news: Clara and Johannes became parents to a baby girl again at the end of August 2021. As great as the joy of the offspring is, Maximilia’s grief still resonates, as the 38-year-old said in an interview with “BILD Live”.

Maximilia’s little sister is now eight months old and brings a smile to her parents’ faces every day. The family are currently enjoying a few sunny days on the beach — and Johannes Wimmer’s granddaughter seems to be enjoying it too. The famous TV doctor has posted a rare photo of his daughter lying on her father’s stomach. The 38-year-old writes: “Sun in the heart”.

Sweet vacation photos from Dr. Johannes Wimmer and his daughter can be seen in the video above.

doctor Johannes Wimmer: “I think Maximilia’s soul first showed the other little soul what to expect.”

Just days after the birth, the father-of-two told BILD Live how much joy, but at the same time sadness and grief, Johannes and his wife Clara felt at the birth of their second daughter. He was happy with the birth of his baby girl, but Maximilia’s grief still resonates. Nine months after losing the battle against a brain tumor, Maximilia’s little sister was born. “It’s a small miracle. It’s really great,” the 38-year-old said at the time. “It’s forgiving. Life goes on. We also know it doesn’t protect. Just because you’ve been through something bad doesn’t mean you’re protected for the future. I’m skeptical, look and recheck everything. But we can enjoy it.”

Nevertheless, the couple find comfort in the idea that Maximilia’s soul endures and also shows the way to her little sister: “The idea that the two souls have somehow touched on the way is incredibly beautiful, even if I am in my heart”. As a scientist, this is a very good idea. I feel it and feel it too. I think Maximilia’s soul showed the other little soul what to expect.

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