Corona live ticker during the week from Monday (May 2) to Friday (May 6): Pandemic in Bavaria – News from Rosenheim, Traunstein, Mühldorf, Altötting, Berchtesgadener Land

Health Minister Klaus Holetschek.

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Munich/Upper Bavaria – The corona virus continues to restrict public life in the region, in Bavaria, in Germany and around the world. Developments from Monday (May 2) to Friday (May 6) in the ticker:

The number of cases at a glance:

  • Covid-19 cases in intensive care units in Bavaria: 228 (Source/from: DIVI, May 2, 6:05 a.m.)
  • Impact over 7 days: City of Rosenheim 633.7, district of Rosenheim 631.2, district of Traunstein 493.0, district of Berchtesgadener Land 410.1, district of Mühldorf 804.4, district of Altötting 737.1 (Source/status: RKI, May 2, 3:11 a.m.)
  • People infected so far: City of Rosenheim 25,092, district of Rosenheim 104,669, Traunstein 73,922, Berchtesgadener Land 41,486, Mühldorf 49,499, Altötting 43,337 (Source/status: RKI, May 2, 3:11 a.m.)
  • Death: City of Rosenheim 124, district of Rosenheim 704, Traunstein 354, Berchtesgadener Land 186, Mühldorf 302, Altötting 324 (Source/status: RKI, May 2, 3:11 a.m.)
  • a service: Case Germany — Cases worldwide — Overview of risk areas

Update, 10:50 a.m. – Holetschek: Good experiences in Bavaria with shortened isolation

According to its Minister of Health Klaus Holetschek, Bavaria has “Very good” experiences with the isolation period for people infected with corona, which has been reduced to five days made. The incidence is down, the situation in hospitals is relaxed, the CSU politician said in the ZDF “Morgenmagazin” on Monday. In Bavaria, the rule has been in effect since mid-April. The Free State had also waived the requirement to test oneself for free after five days – Holetschek pointed out that a asymptomatic for an end of isolation 48 hours before must be. However, Bavaria recommends wearing a mask for a while afterwards. In the case of vulnerable groups, however, it remains a free test.

At the same time, Holetschek called on the federal government to prepare for the fall. Vaccination, which he promotes, remains a major subject. The CSU politician also spoke about the possible dangers of further mutations of the corona virus. The federal government must present a “master plan”. The Infection Protection Act has been overturned and vaccination is not progressing. “We can’t go into the fall like this.”

Holetschek also hopes for a pending recommendation from the Standing Committee on Immunization for a second booster. Until now, these were available for the over 70 age group. Data should be evaluated quickly to decide whether a fourth vaccination should be recommended for all groups.

Update, 8:28 a.m. – Latest RKI numbers for the region

The evolution of the incidences over 7 days in the south-east of Bavaria (as of May 2).


According to the RKI, the corona incidences in the region are invariably decreased over the past 24 hours. However, no new data has been reported to the RKI for the entire Free State. This also applies to the other federal states of Germany.

The impacts in detail: District Altoetting (stable at 737), County Muhldorf (stable at 804), Circle Berchtesgaden country (from 473 to 410), county Traunstein (from 557 to 493), City of Rosenheim (from 720 to 634) and Arrondissement of Rosenheim (from 726 to 631). The RKI reported for the region no further coronavirus-related deaths.

No new corona deaths reported for the first time since September

For the first time since September, the German health authorities have given the Robert Koch Institute not a single new corona death in 24 hours transmitted. This is evident from Monday morning’s numbers, which reflect the state of the RKI scoreboard as of 5am. Later modifications or additions to the RKI are possible. It was true that no corona deaths were reported in one day last September 21 the case.

Health authorities typically report far fewer deaths on weekends than on other days. The data will be transmitted later. These are people who died from or with Corona. the National 7-day incidence meanwhile continued to decline. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) gave the value of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants per week Monday morning at 639.5 to. (previous day 666.4; previous week: 790.8; previous month: 1531.5)

The German health authorities have reported this RKI has recently 4032 new corona infections in one day, as evidenced by figures from Monday morning (previous week: 20,084 recorded infections). The values ​​fluctuate considerably between different days of the week, because some federal states do not report to the RKI, especially on weekends (news ticker weekend from April 30 to May 1).

That RKI has counted 24,813,817 detected Sars-CoV-2 infections since the start of the pandemic. The actual total number is likely to be significantly higher, as many infections go undetected.


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