Chonky palmtop with split keyboard and 7-inch display

from Rhonda Bachman
The Raspberry Pi community is always good for new ideas on the little single board computer. Daniel Norris has now designed the Chonky Palmtop. The Pi 4-based computer has a hinged case that houses a 7-inch touchscreen and a split keyboard.

The Raspberry Pi single board computer has a large resource community. Credit card-sized computers are used for all sorts of things, like your own SNES mic or a Nintendo Switch clone that plays retro games. Daniel Norris has now designed the Chonky Palmtop, which looks like a cross between a handheld and a laptop.

Daniel Norris recently showcased his design in a new YouTube video. In the clip, he shows off the Chonky Palmtop from all sides. The computer is enclosed in a thick casing with several vents on top. The thick lid opens, revealing a 7-inch touchscreen. The buttons and switch on the right side of the screen are used to control the LCD menu, check battery voltage, and power on and off. The most impressive detail, however, is the split keyboard with the Miryoku layout, which folds down to the base of the screen. The keyboard can be folded ergonomically outwards.

The video also shows the various connections and getting the Raspberry Pi 4 started. For anyone interested in trying out a Chonky Palmtop, Daniel Norris has a list of materials used to build the computer, design files for 3D printing the case, and more details shared in a GitLab repository.

Source: Daniel Norris, Liliputing, PC Gamer

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