Cheating scandal about Mario Barth – the dessert becomes a sham

Mario Barth challenges Steffen Henssler to a culinary duel and does not make it easy for the professional chef. Last gear is crucial – but of all things it’s not by the rules there.

On Sunday evening, two big mouths of television clashed on “Grill den Henssler”: comedian Mario Barth against starred chef Steffen Henssler. “The Duel of the Alpha Males” was the apt name given by presenter Laura Wontorra to the encounter between the two. And indeed, it was not just the stove that was getting hot.

Again and again, Henssler and Barth launched taunts across the studio. But behind the big mouth of the comedian was actually hiding a talent for cooking. For the starter “Beef soup with marrow dumplings and egg cream”, he received as many points as the professional from the jury consisting of Christian Rach, Reiner Calmund and Mirja Boes.

Mario Barth leaves Steffen Henssler behind

After the main course “Breaded cutlet with pointed cabbage and potatoes” and a few games of skill, Barth was even in the lead with 48 to 43 points.

Steffen Henssler and Mario Barth did not just fight in the kitchen. (Source: RTL / Frank W. Hempel)

It was therefore the dessert that must have decided the victory – but it was above all that which caused trouble. “Quark balls with raspberry sauce” was the task in which not only Mario Barth seemed a little lost. Head coach Kristof Mulack, who was assigned to the challenger side, had no real plan either. The team’s solution: cheat.

Barth’s adviser simply listened to Henssler reveal to the moderator, “The secret is flour and cottage cheese one for one” – and gave this tip and other instructions to his protege in exactly the same way.

Cooking coach Kristof Mulack and Mario Barth copied the dessert.  (Source: RTL / Frank W. Hempel)Cooking coach Kristof Mulack and Mario Barth copied the dessert. (Source: RTL / Frank W. Hempel)

The host didn’t like it at all. “You’re such a f…”, the starred chef barked at his colleague, but clarified: “If anyone is looking at me for dessert, they must be very desperate.”

In the end, all the cheating didn’t help. Barth’s quark balls could not compete with those of the professional chef. “Light and fluffy, nice dark crust,” enthused even Christian Rach, who is also a critic, and awarded the maximum number of points. The quark balls tipped the scales and gave Steffen Henssler a narrow victory. With 72 to 69 points, he triumphed over Mario Barth.

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