Baerbock in ARD: Germany promotes oil embargo

Status: 02.05.2022 00:04

According to Foreign Minister Baerbock, Germany is campaigning for an oil embargo against Russia. The country should not be able to get back on its feet economically “for years”, she said in the ARD. Kremlin boss Putin is solely responsible for this.

According to Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock, Germany is pushing for an oil embargo to be imposed on Russia as part of the EU’s sixth sanctions package. A few weeks ago, it was still known that immediate energy sanctions would not have lasted a month, affirms the politician of the Greens in ARDBroadcast Anne-Will. But now the preparations have been made because, in case of doubt, the sanctions against Russia must be able to last for years.

Annalena Baerbock, Federal Foreign Minister, on the direct supply of tanks to Ukraine

Anne Will, May 1, 2022

“We are also campaigning within the EU to phase out oil together as Europe in the sixth sanctions package,” she adds. Sanctions can only be lifted when Russia has completely withdrawn its troops from Ukraine.

Sanctions aim to bring Russia to its knees

According to Baerbock, Western sanctions are also aimed at weakening the Russian economy so that it cannot start another war. “Of course, I want Russia never again to wage a war of aggression that violates international law,” the Greens politician said. “Through the sanctions, we ensure that further military actions in other regions by Russian forces alone are not possible in the coming years,” she added. Because Russia is so damaged by its war of aggression and Western sanctions that the country will not be able to get back on its feet “for years”. President Vladimir Putin thus decisively weakens his own country.

Western cohesion is so important because one cannot be sure what Russia will do next. Putin did not rule out an attack on Moldova or the Baltic states. “If we accept that, it would be an invitation to do more,” she said of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. “We can’t be sure what the next Russian steps would be.” That is why we are now investing in the security of partner countries and we will unite for peace. You owe it to your neighbors. Sanctions against Russia would only be lifted once Russia withdrew all of its troops from Ukraine.

Praise for previous governments and its own travel plans

Baerbock praised previous governments for not lifting EU sanctions imposed in 2014 in connection with Russia’s annexation of Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula. A repeal would have been a retrospective legitimacy of the Russian action. The determined response to Russia’s behavior in violation of international law is also “a message to other aggressors, to other dictators in the world that the majority on this earth are standing up for freedom and peace”, said the Minister of Foreign Affairs foreign countries, not to mention countries like China. name.

The Foreign Minister said she planned to visit Kyiv. “Yes, I will drive too,” says the green politician. But she agreed with Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier that he should come first. Unfortunately, the Federal President was then again disinvited by the Ukrainian side. “That doesn’t mean I won’t be racing in the future,” adds Baerbock.

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