A new (official) Game Pass notice regarding Ubisoft+ integration has surfaced

Now, there are early indications from the official side that Ubisoft+ is coming for Xbox Game Pass.

In order to make the Xbox Game Pass even more attractive, Microsoft is offering an ever-wider range. After big subscription service EA Play found its way into Game Pass, rumors swirled that the next hit with Ubisoft+ was imminent. And as it seems, it might actually be that moment soon.

Sexism issues at Ubisoft: The French developer and publisher has been accused of toxic corporate culture since July 2020. Including high-profile Sexism issues, misogyny and discrimination, which must be deeply rooted in the company. Consequences have already been drawn by Ubisoft, e.g. Replacement of senior management staff and openly commented on the allegations, but internally many employees feel that these measures are not sufficient.

Ubisoft employee confirms integration

Why is it? Ubisoft’s Dutch site promotes the Ubisoft+ subscription service on Instagram. The publisher’s game subscription is expected to arrive for Xbox consoles soon, but user devilwildz wants to use the feedback to make sure Ubisoft+ is coming for Game Pass as well.

An unusual response: Ubisoft itself responds that Ubisoft+ is coming “soon” to Xbox Game Pass. In response to the “Thanks for the leak” statement, the company says “google it”, meaning the information is already official.

The users then explain to the Dutch operators of the Ubisoft page on Instagram that so far only the information is official that Ubisoft + will come for Xbox consoles. However, it was not yet known that Ubisoft+ would also be coming to Xbox Game Pass.

What is Ubisoft+? Ubisoft+ is the giant publisher’s home game subscription. Similar to other service models like EA Play or Netflix, you pay a monthly fee to get unlimited access to a wide selection of titles. You can play them as long as you pay for the subscription, but you can’t keep them after cancelling.

Here’s what we know so far about Ubisoft+’s integration on Xbox consoles:

Ubisoft+: the subscription service is also available for Xbox consoles with more than 100 games


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Ubisoft+: the subscription service is also available for Xbox consoles with more than 100 games

Leak might just be an accident

However, it’s still unclear if the Ubisoft employee made a mistake and thought that the general integration of Ubisoft+ on Xbox consoles was on purpose, or if he actually leaked information until then. unknown. Unfortunately, the social media manager did not respond to other commenter responses.

User seriesxoptimized is confident that this information should be revealed at the massive Xbox Show Case taking place on June 12, 2022. Microsoft wants to show off titles from Xbox Game Studios, Bethesda, and other partners here. Other partners could mean, among others, Ubisoft.

When could Ubisoft+ arrive? The “soon” statement still doesn’t specify the exact date when Ubisoft+ – in whatever form – is coming to Xbox consoles. The subscription service may be available right after the Xbox Show Case, but it could be months before we see Ubisoft+ on Xbox Series X/S and likely Xbox One as well.

You can find all about the previous rumors here:

Xbox Rumor: The Next Big Subscription Service Will Be Part of Game Pass


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Xbox Rumor: The Next Big Subscription Service Will Be Part of Game Pass

It’s also unclear what form Ubisoft+ will take for Xbox consoles. A possible alternative would be to release some sort of base model for Xbox consoles, which is available to Game Pass members at no additional cost. For an additional fee, the full scope of Ubisoft+ could be unlocked.

What do you think: did the Ubisoft employee exclaim? Or just misunderstood the questioner?

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