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Ticket at 9 euros, energy package, tank discount: the 2022 relief package is intended to provide a certain amount of relief to the Germans. From when these will come and to whom they apply: an overview.

Bremen – The war in Ukraine is also upsetting the German economy. inflation has reached a record level, the prices of certain products in supermarkets seem on the verge of exploding. An end? Not in sight. The additional financial burden also makes things difficult for consumers. The federal government therefore reacted and announced aid measures. Under the title Relief Package 2022, a number of citizens are now waiting for the announced support from the government.

Relief package 2022: which measure applies when – and for whom

Discount on fuel, flat rate on the price of energy, child bonus and much more: many measures are on the program. It has been clear since Wednesday (April 27) that they will come. The traffic light government in the cabinet agreed on the billion-dollar relief plan. Nevertheless, questions arise: for whom applies what now? And especially when? We summarize what is known.

Relief package 2022: The federal government has announced these measures

Energy package in the 2022 relief package: when will it come and who will it apply to?

What is advertised: Due to the war in Ukraine and the associated talks about buying oil and gas from Russia as well as the shutdown of the “Nord Stream 2” gas pipeline project, energy prices are also rising sharply. The traffic light coalition has therefore agreed on an energy package or energy price package of 300 euros. However, there is also a downside to the payment: the amount of the energy price flat rate is taxable.

To whom the measure applies: All earning employees should receive the money. Pensioners are therefore excluded – with one exception. If they have a midday job with a monthly salary of between 450 and 1300 euros, retirees can also benefit from the energy allowance.

When comes the measure: The exact time has not yet been precisely defined. However, Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) announced in early April that the energy package would probably not be implemented until early June 2022. However, it could still take some time before the money actually reaches the people’s accounts. Companies and experts assume that the payment of the energy price lump sum will only take place with the September salary payments.

The energy package for 2022 promises “quick and noticeable relief”. Christian Lindner (FDP) is expecting him in June. (assembly kreiszeitung.de) © Michael Kentendre/Kay Nietfeld/dpa/imago

Children’s bounty in the 2022 relief program: How much is the bounty and when is it expected to arrive

What is advertised: One measure which was hotly debated even before the war in Ukraine and which has now gained momentum as part of the relief program is the child grant. Still linked to the increase in the cost of living, large families or families on social assistance find themselves in a precarious situation. The government has therefore announced that families will receive a one-off payment of 100 euros per child from the family allowance fund – in addition to child allowance. The premium is deducted from the child allowance.

To whom the measure applies: For all families with children. However, as the premium is charged to family allowances, high earners benefit little or not at all. The situation is different for recipients of social assistance, as well as for Hartz IV recipients, who also receive a Corona premium which has also been decided as a one-off payment, which has been doubled (see paragraph “One-off aid for recipients benefits”).

When comes the measure: It has already been decided on March 25, 2022 that she will come. It has also been clear since April 27 when the child bonus will then be paid: According to the decision of the cabinet of the traffic light government, families can count on the money in July 2022.

9 euro ticket in the 2022 relief package: who can use it – and from when?

What is advertised: Are fuel prices exploding? So take the train! This is exactly what the federal government wants to motivate citizens to do – and is therefore launching the so-called 9 euro note. From June 1, the 9 euro ticket will be available for 90 days as a special discount for local public transport. It is valid for one month each for the said public transport and regional transport – but not for long-distance transport. And: It is still valid for the month in which it was purchased. If you buy it in June, you can drive it in June. A new ticket is required in July. 27 euros for three months of public transport? A really cheap offer. Tickets are sold by local companies: online, at ticket machines, in the DB application or at the counter of transport companies’ customer centres.

To whom the measure applies: In short: for everyone. Of course, it’s mainly there to temporarily relieve commuters of cost pressure. But some people might plan their summer trips based on ticket validity.

When comes the measure: Just in time for summer, the €9 ticket is set to debut on June 1. Politicians said everything would be done to get the measure off the ground despite reported difficulties. However, due to ambiguities in funding, the federal states recently threatened to boycott the 9 euro note. By the way: According to information from the dpa, the 9 euro ticket could also be sold in advance in May.

Discount on the tank of the relief package 2022: when will it come and who will benefit from it

What is advertised: Once again it is about the rise in fuel prices, once again the coalition of traffic lights has considered a measure to relieve those concerned: the discount on the tank. However, behind the euphonic concept of benefits, there is a rather simple construction: the objective is to reduce the energy tax on fuels such as petrol or diesel. The aim is to push the price of petrol well below 2 euros per liter and the price of diesel to around 2 euros per litre. To be more precise: petrol should be around 30 cents cheaper, diesel around 14 cents per liter cheaper.

To whom the measure applies: In principle, of course, for all consumers. A set of petrol wheels is of course an advantage if you really want to feel the effects of the tank discount on your wallet.

When comes the measure: Shortly after the outbreak of the Ukrainian war, fuel prices skyrocketed. Therefore, frequent drivers hoped for a quick implementation. However, the discount on the tanks is a long time coming. As a measure of the relief package, the tank discount is not to be introduced before June 1, 2022 at the earliest. According to World Finance Minister Lindner has already announced that the project cannot be implemented earlier with legal certainty.

Hartz IV: one-time payment for welfare recipients in 2022 relief package: when will it come

What is advertised: What was already clear: Due to the higher burden of the corona pandemic, recipients of Hartz IV should receive a one-time payment. Originally there were 100 euros for this. After cabinet deliberations on Wednesday April 27, it is now clear that people with lower incomes will receive more money. The one-time Corona payment for Hartz IV beneficiaries will be doubled to 200 euros. Here, the money should help cushion the rising cost of living a bit.

To whom the measure applies: Recipients of social benefits, such as unemployment benefit II (Hartz IV).

When comes the measure: Unlike the other measures of the 2022 relief program, no planned start date for the one-time payment of the relief program was initially known. But now it is clear: The additional Corona bonus payment for Hartz IV recipients, which has been doubled to 200 euros, is due in July 2022.

Relief package 2022: Cabinet agrees – what next?

The relief package measures were agreed in cabinet on April 27. Then the Bundestag must give its consent, then the Bundesrat. While consumers in Germany are already facing some changes in May 2022, the states chamber will probably process the nine euro note on May 20 so that it can apply on June 1. However, there could still be a dispute over public transport funding. Federal states are pushing for more money from the federal government, also beyond the expected loss of revenue due to the temporary reduction in ticket prices – partly due to higher energy prices for transport companies.

The Germans should actually benefit from the relief program all around. However, this is not the case for all population groups. It is especially the bad people who benefit from the energy package. And pensioners will get next to nothing from the 2022 relief package.

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