Werder Bremen: Get up?! Ole Werner with a clear message to the team!

Bremen – For Ole Werner the case was clear after the 2-3 clash against Holstein Kiel. “The fact is that we need the maximum number of points in Aue and against Regensburg to finally be in the top two,” the Werder coach said during a media tour. However, there is a small catch, as leaders Schalke 04 as well as Darmstadt 98 could keep Werder at bay with further wins. The Bremen no longer have it entirely in their hands. But of course Werner didn’t want to think that far after the game. The 33-year-old has another task to solve first anyway – that is, to drive the disappointment out of his players’ minds.

“Now we have to digest it first. But I believe we can. We have shown many times in the past that we can deal with setbacks.” Ole Werner. Since the season of Werder Bremen was a turbulent roller coaster ride, which many green-whites thought they were almost there after the 4-1 win at Schalke. Mayor Andreas Bovenschulte has already discussed his town hall balcony for a promotion party, and the club is also planning a possible party. There is no other way these days, because some things have to be prepared organizationally. But that didn’t affect the team, Werner said: “It wasn’t a topic of conversation internally at all. We knew we still had a lot of homework to do.

Werder Bremen: After loss to Holstein Kiel, coach Ole Werner now claims six points against Aue and Regensburg

They were, however, on the lawn against Holstein Kiel not well done. Werner criticized the lack of defensive aggressiveness and especially the poor behavior in front of goal. Still, he doesn’t foresee any major changes in the final push of the season: “We’ll stick to the processes that have benefited us over the past few months. It doesn’t make sense to make big changes.” The team de Werner have a long week ahead of them, the next game in Aue isn’t until Sunday in a week. That’s why the pros get Werder Bremen despite bankruptcy after regeneration and analysis on Saturday two days off. It continues on Tuesday. “We will rework on some things, it’s important even two weeks before the end of the season,” said Ole Werner. (knee)

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