Weather/Bavaria: Heavy rain and lightning: DWD warns of thunderstorms

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Of: Tanya Kipke


Larger temperature differences can lead to thunderstorms and heavy rain on weekends. According to experts, the start of the week will also be uncomfortable.

Update from May 1, 3:27 p.m.: On Saturday it rained in many places in Bavaria. The DWD even predicted thunderstorms and heavy rain for this Sunday (see previous update). There is currently an official DWD warning for thunderstorms in the districts of Regen and Deggendorf. Until 4 p.m., residents must be prepared for gusts of wind of up to 60 kilometers per hour and lightning.

Thunderstorms are expected to continue Monday. Although temperatures will reach 15 to 20 degrees on Monday, there will be occasional showers and thunderstorms, especially in the lower mountains, as the German Weather Service (DWD) in Munich announced on Sunday. In the morning, on the other hand, it generally remains dry and sometimes even the sun shines through. In addition, there is a weak wind, which near the Alps can also cool down to gusts with speeds of up to 70 kilometers per hour. It can also rain occasionally overnight and fog can develop early in the morning.

Severe weather in Bavaria: DWD predicts thunderstorms with heavy rain

Update April 30, 8:57 a.m.: Residents of Franconia and Swabia should not forget an umbrella and rubber boots. A few thunderstorms are moving across Bavaria from the west this Saturday. The DWD writes in their predictions that they can be strong at times. Heavy local rains may occur in some areas. 20 liters of rain per square meter can fall in a very short time. In addition, hail is possible and the wind blows at maximum speeds of around 60 km/h. Even limited heavy rains of up to 30 l/m² in one hour cannot be ruled out.

But it can also get wet in the rest of Bavaria. Only the far east is still spared today. Temperatures range between 17 degrees in the northwest and 12 to 14 degrees in the south and southeast. On Sunday night, the rain moved more and more towards the east. During the day it usually stays dry. Only occasionally do individual drops fall in Swabia and Upper Palatinate. Overall it will be one to two degrees warmer.

Weather in Bavaria: 90% chance of rain over the weekend

Update April 29, 10:37 a.m.: Bright sunshine invites you to stroll through Bavaria this Friday. The sun should be strong also delight Bavarians throughout the day. On Saturday, the good weather will be over for the time being. It’s supposed to rain all weekend, with about a 90% chance. According to the German Weather Service (DWD), it starts on Saturday evening, the rain is coming in from the west.

Precipitation is forecast to be spread across the Free State during the day, with high temperatures of 14 to 19 degrees. For Sunday, the DWD also expects a lot of rain, with isolated thunderstorms. Due to the large amount of precipitation, incoming Sahara dust could again be blown out of the sky as blood rain (see first report). In northwestern Bavaria, the sun will return on Sunday. In Bamberg and Würzburg, the thermometer even climbs to 18 degrees. The coming week starts off mild and dry.

First report of April 28: Munich – The drought phase in Bavaria seems to be over. After the driest March on record and very little rain in April, the rain is a blessing for nature. The first communities had already called on their citizens to save water because of the drought. Since Sunday (April 24), it has been raining in many places in the Free State and, according to weather expert Jan Schenk, it should stay that way in May.

According to the weather forecast, this will remain the case for the next few days. However, there is also the dust from the Sahara, which again moves from Africa to Germany. Precipitation can therefore lead to bloody rains in Bavaria. Just a few weeks ago, the phenomenon in the sky caused a stir.

Weather in Bavaria: Sahara dust is coming – blood rain is possible on weekends

“From North Africa across the Mediterranean, a thick portion of Sahara dust arrives here in Germany,” explains meteorologist Dominik Jung in a video from The weather map shows that the dust is also spreading throughout Bavaria. According to Jung, it should start on Friday. According to Jung, this is the fourth or fifth time that dust from the Sahara has arrived in Germany in a few weeks.

Sahara dust is moving towards Germany this weekend. Thunderstorms in Bavaria could bring a rain of blood. (File image) © Sven Hoppe/dpa/ZUMA Press Wire/Lorenzo Carnero (photomontage)

Sahara dust was still in the air on Saturday and Sunday. The dust could then be washed from the atmosphere by isolated thunderstorms in the south and fall from the sky as rain of blood. Bavaria in particular is affected. Rain was announced for Munich and the region for the whole weekend, strong online weather with an 80% probability. The result would be brown sand dust on the cars, as was the case a few weeks ago after the heavy rain of blood in Munich.

Weather in Bavaria: Experts make a summer forecast

According to the US weather model, June, July and August could be 0.5 to 1 degree warmer than the average climate for the past 20 years, says Jung. Good prospects for all summer fans. “I don’t see extreme heat, but also no very cool months ahead of us,” Jung summarizes in his forecast.

Meteorologist Jan Schenk von The weather channel gives a very similar summer forecast: “It will be a cool June in northern Europe, while it will be warmer than normal in southern Europe. This is also evident in Germany. According to Schenk, in the south it should already be warm and summery in June. “July will probably be the best summer month.” However, Schenk also points out that dry ground increases the risk of longer heat waves and therefore thunderstorms. Especially Bavarians have to be prepared for some summer thunderstorms. (tkip)

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