Ukrainian War: Civilians leave Mariupol steelworks

Status: 05/01/2022 5:47 p.m.

According to the UN, an evacuation operation from the Mariupol steel plant has begun. Ukrainian President Zelenskyy said around 100 civilians were on their way to Zaporizhia.

According to Ukrainian information, around 100 civilians were freed from the Mariupol steel plant, which was surrounded by Russian troops. People are on their way to Zaporizhia in Ukraine, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky wrote on Twitter.

The Russian side confirmed that civilians had left Mariupol and spoke of 80 people. Mariupol authorities now say the evacuation has been suspended. According to information, the operation should continue tomorrow morning.

“Very complex place”

The UN reported in the afternoon that an evacuation operation to rescue civilians from the steelworks had begun. A spokesman for the UN’s emergency relief programme, Saviano Abreu, said the operation was carried out in cooperation with the International Committee of the Red Cross and was being coordinated with Ukrainian and Russian authorities. The helpers reportedly reached the steelworks yesterday.

Abreu described the situation as very complex and did not want to give details of the operation. Around 1,000 Ukrainian civilians and 2,000 fighters are believed to be in the basement of the sprawling Azovstal steelworks. The site is the only place in the city not controlled by Russian forces.

Ukrainian army reports several attacks

According to reports from kyiv, several people were killed in a Ukrainian attack on the quarters of the Russian army headquarters in the city of Izyum. Among them are high-ranking officers, an adviser to Ukrainian Interior Minister Anton Herashchenko reported on Telegram. The city of Isjum, with a population of 50,000, is located in eastern Ukraine. According to Ukrainian sources, Russian Chief of Staff Valery Gerasimov is also staying there to command the Donbass offensive. The attack reportedly took place yesterday. There has been no confirmation from Russia – not even for Gerasimov’s stay in the region.

Nearly 100 civilians can be evacuated from the Mariupol steel plant

Birgit Virnich, WDR, daily news at 4 p.m., May 1, 2022

The Ukrainian side also claimed to have attacked Snake Island in the Black Sea. The island had already been conquered by the Russian army at the start of the war in February. It is about 35 kilometers from the Ukrainian coast. The attack destroyed several air defense complexes and a communications unit, the Ukrainian army’s “Southern” command said. 42 Russian soldiers were reportedly killed. There is no Russian confirmation of the attack.

conflicting parties as a source

In the current situation, the information on the course of the war, the shelling and the victims provided by the official bodies of the Russian and Ukrainian parties to the conflict cannot be verified directly by an independent body.

Further damage to Russian infrastructure

It is unclear whether the partial collapse of a railway bridge near the Russian-Ukrainian border in the Kursk region is related to the war. Specialists are currently determining the cause, Governor Roman Starovoit wrote on Telegram. No one was hurt. The western Russian district of Suja, in which the bridge connects the town of the same name with the town of Sosnovy Bor, borders the northeastern Ukrainian region of Sumy, from where the Russian armed forces had withdrawn. It is not yet clear whether there is a connection with the war in the neighboring country. More recently, Russia has repeatedly accused Ukraine of attacks on its territory. Russian authorities have raised the alert level in the region due to the “danger of terrorism”.

In white: advance of the Russian army. In green: separatist zones supported by Russia. Crimea: annexed by Russia.

Image: ISW/04/30/2022

Russia confirms attacks in the south and east

Russia has confirmed new attacks on eastern and southern neighboring Ukraine. In the Zaporizhia region, S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems were destroyed, Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said in Moscow. Two fighter jets were shot down in the Kharkiv region. The Ukrainian side, in turn, spoke of several injuries as a result of Russian attacks on Kharkiv. Konashenkov also confirmed an attack on an airfield in the Black Sea metropolis of Odessa. The track was destroyed by rockets as well as a hangar in which weapons from the USA and Europe were stored.

Zelenskyj appeals to the Russian army

According to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Russia is strengthening its armed forces in the east of the country. “Russia is gathering additional forces for further attacks against our military in the east of the country,” Zelenskyy said in his usual video address. Russia is trying to increase military pressure in the Donbass. He appealed to the Russian army: “Any Russian soldier can still save his life. It is better for you to survive in Russia than to die in our country.

According to Ukrainian figures, 23,000 Russian soldiers have died in Ukraine since the start of the war. In addition, more than 1,000 Russian tanks and almost 2,500 other military vehicles have already been destroyed, Zelenskyj said in his video speech. Actual military losses are difficult to estimate. Moscow has so far admitted more than 1,000 fallen soldiers and, for its part, puts the number of fallen Ukrainian fighters at more than 23,000.

According to the Unian agency, Ukrainian presidential adviser Oleksiy Arestovych reported that no movement of troops from Russia to Ukraine has been observed for four days. On the other hand, “a large number of broken, injured and dead materials” will be brought back to Russia.

Killed in attacks on Kherson villages

According to Russian sources, Ukrainian forces shelled villages in the Kherson region. Civilians were killed and injured, reports the Russian news agency RIA with reference to the Russian Defense Ministry. The ministry said Ukrainian forces shelled a school, a kindergarten and a cemetery in the villages of Kyselivka and Shyroka Balka. He gave no indication of the time of the attack or the number of dead and injured. Ukraine has not yet responded to the report. Information cannot be independently verified.

Ukraine and the United States agree on arms deliveries

According to Ukrainian sources, the Ukrainian and American military again agreed on the delivery of weapons, ammunition and other equipment. According to a phone call between Ukrainian Commander-in-Chief Valeriy Saluschnyj and US Chief of Staff Mark Milley Saluschnyjs, the process is constantly being strictly monitored. He stressed that the Ukrainian army must switch from Soviet equipment to NATO models. “And the sooner we start this process, the sooner we will complete it,” he said.

confiscation of company assets?

Russia says it plans to confiscate assets of companies from “enemy” countries. Speaker of Parliament Vyacheslav Volodin wrote on Telegram that this was a possible reaction to the announcement by the United States of the transfer of confiscated assets of Russian oligarchs to Ukraine. The money raised through the eventual sale of the assets should benefit the development of Russia.

These are “companies based on Russian territory whose owners are citizens of enemy countries” in which the confiscation decision was taken. Volodin accused “a number of enemy countries – Lithuania, Poland and even the United States” of “pure theft”.

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