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From the livestream event on April 19, 2022, it’s been clear that WoW: Wrath of the Lich King content will make its way to the Classic progressive servers later this year. Also included are: the continent of Northrend, death knights, inscriptions, achievements and all sorts of dungeon and raid challenges and much more. From the planned launch, Northrend players in particular, who are already preparing optimally for the next WotLK adventure, will get a good start. In this guide, we will tell you what such preparation entails.

Get exclusive titles from TBC Classic

Once WotLK Classic is released, you will no longer be able to earn the following exclusive TBC titles:

If you can earn these titles in time, you will receive the heroic achievements associated with them when WotLK Classic starts (hint: if you still have the original quests in the quest log when WotLK Classic started, you should still be able to earn the titles. At least it was possible in retail WoW. However, you can no longer accept the quests, as Blizzard will replace them with new variants that will not reward you with the respective title).

Get the Amani War Bear from TBC Classic

Ever since Zul’Aman opened in TBC Classic Content Stage 4, you can use the Time Trial to get the unique Amani War Bear to save. And that’s exactly what you should have done before the launch of WotLK Classic, because after that the exclusive reward will disappear from World of Warcraft.

wow | Wrath of the Lich King Classic is coming – it’s changing!

Choose and upgrade your dream work suit now!

As important as professions are in WoW Classic and TBC Classic, in WotLK Classic it is even more important that you equip your main character with two suitable jobs. Manufacturing professions in particular offer you exclusive advantages that you certainly do not want to do without. Here is a small overview of the best profession bonuses:

  • Adaptation: Exclusive enchantments on capes
  • engineering: Very strong exclusive tempo effect (hyper speed accelerator)
  • jewelry: Access to jewels (three can be used at the same time) that promise a significantly higher increase in value
  • Forge: Exclusive slots for gloves and bracers, in which you can of course put jewelry
  • alchemy: Increased effects of elixirs and vials (mixology)
  • Enchanting: New exclusive ring enchantments
  • inscription: Special Exclusive Shoulder Enchantments
  • leather processing: Special Exclusive Bracer Enchantment

The bottom line is that most of these special bonuses are the same in a direct comparison, so (if you’re only interested in these bonuses) it doesn’t matter which profession combination you choose (depending on class and role, there are certainly more detailed, but we will make an additional guide for that). It is much more important that you really choose two professions from this list and not supply your main raid with collective professions that have significantly lower bonuses.

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