The best-selling Tesla Model 3 car in Europe in March >

The Model Y is expected to become the best-selling vehicle of any class in the world within the next few years, Tesla announced last April – likely as early as 2023, as CEO Elon Musk later clarified. But above all, this feat can only be achieved on a regional level, on a monthly basis and with the Model 3: in Europe this March, it not only recorded the highest number of new registrations among electric cars ( followed by the Model Y), but also among all other cars At the same time, more new cars were included Electric car sold as diesel.

Tesla Model 3 tops the month

This is the result of new data from market research firm Jato Dynamics for the 27 most important automotive countries in Europe. The general leadership of the Tesla Model 3 and more electric-than-diesel cars already existed at the end of 2021. In the new year, however, both suffered a crisis. At Tesla, this is due to the usual logistics cycle with imports from China, and this also affects the entire proportion of electric cars.

The cyclicality of Tesla’s deliveries in Europe can be seen directly from Jato’s numbers. In March 2022, the Model 3 was registered 23,013 times in Europe – and less than 10,000 times in January and February combined. In the last month of the first quarter of 2022, the smallest Tesla topped the list of new registrations of all records. In the first quarter as a whole (32,652 Model 3s), however, it was overtaken by a whole range of other cars, above all the Peugeot 208 with 51,890 new registrations (including some as electric cars).

However, only small and compact cars (also as SUVs) were ahead of the Model 3: far fewer BMW 3 Series (24,719 new registrations in Europe in the first quarter), Audi A4 (17,240) and Mercedes C-Class (16 636) were sold. Only BMW slightly outperformed the 3-series if you add the 4-series paired with the 3-series, but Audi, even with the A5, didn’t outpace the Tesla. In fact, even the Model Y topped Audi A4 and A5 sales with 25,952 new registrations in the first quarter.

Fewer plug-in hybrids in electric cars

Overall auto sales fell 19% in March from March 2021 and 11% for the first quarter as a whole, Jato data showed. From January to March 2022, there were only around 2.7 million new passenger car registrations in Europe – fewer than at any time since 1985. Of around 1.1 million in March, 244,801 were electric cars, more than diesel cars with 202,000 new registrations, while the petrol number was significantly higher. When it comes to electric cars, it’s also worth noting that Jato also includes plug-in hybrids. However, their share is declining anyway and more recently stood at 38% of new electric cars – with the absolute number down from March 2021.

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