The alarm bell is ringing at Schalke 04! nightmare scenario

The alarm bell is ringing at FC Schalke 04! Now this nightmare scenario looms

05/01/2022 at 3:41 p.m.

Schalke 04: The descent of the traditional club into the second division

Schalke 04: The descent of the traditional club into the second division

FC Schalke 04 is one of Germany’s traditional great clubs. In the Bundesliga all-time table, the Royal Blues are seventh. The “Knappen” have been German champions seven times, most recently in 1958.

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Of FC Schalke 04 is on the way to promotion. Two games before the end, the Knappen greet each other from the top of the table.

But now suddenly there is a great danger for the FC Schalke 04 would have an extremely unpleasant effect.

FC Schalke 04: Corona alarm at opponent St. Pauli! Is there a cancellation?

There is a corona alarm at FC St. Pauli – all time before the game against Schalke, which could be decisive (Saturday, 8.30 p.m.). After captain Philipp Ziereis was infected, the Hamburg second division confirmed new positive rapid tests during a test on Saturday morning.

Training was canceled and PCR tests ordered. The result was a shock: nine other players and a member of the management were infected in one fell swoop. Other cases cannot be excluded. A cancellation of the game is within the realm of possibility.

“Of course, this epidemic comes at a very bad time so close to the season finale. It shows once again that the virus still represents a major risk despite all the precautionary measures”, explains FCSP sporting director Andreas Bornmann. “We are in close coordination with the responsible authorities on this matter. FC St. Pauli is also doing everything so that the match can take place in Gelsenkirchen and that we have a competitive team. However, the initial focus is on recovery for all affected.

For FC Schalke 04 in particular, a cancellation of the match would be a nightmare.

Instead of being able to wrap the promotion with a win in dry rags, the royal blue would have to hold on, wait, and fear in the event of a cancellation. At the same time, the competition could submit.

Darmstadt and Werder could top S04 with wins and push the miners into relegation spot 3 for now. This would increase the pressure on Schalke a lot.

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Additionally, the season and with it the promotion and non-promotion decision would stretch beyond the intended end. It should also upset some plans regarding the preparation for the new season.

According to the DFL statutes, a match takes place as long as a club can provide more than 15 eligible players, of which at least nine must be licensed players, i.e. professionals.

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