Salmonella alert – photos of all affected “kinder” products

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The Ferrero scandal surrounding salmonella-contaminated chocolate is causing a lot of uncertainty among customers. The company has now released images of the affected products:

Salmonella are bacteria found all over the world. Salmonella is a typical foodborne infection that causes diarrhea because the bacteria is ingested through food. Salmonella outbreaks are not, in themselves, rare. Recently, products from candy maker Ferrero were affected. And for the company in Alba, Italy, it’s a disaster.

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Recall at Ferrero: Salmonella in buttermilk

Shortly before Easter, Ferrero had to launch a global recall of several children’s chocolate products due to suspected salmonella. Although the reason for the contamination has now been found – the bacteria were found in a tank of buttermilk – the damage is done. And huge. The number of products affected by the recall is already significant. Not to mention the loss of confidence.

The Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety warned in early April. In the meantime, Ferrero has released not only a list including lot numbers, but also illustrations of products that may have been contaminated with germs. Customers should be able to identify the affected confection as quickly as possible from the packaging.

Ferrero recall: these children’s products are affected

According to investigations, the place of contamination is a factory in Belgium where many Ferrero products were manufactured. The reminder list is therefore long. According to European health authority ECDC, the Belgian factory sold the chocolate products across Europe and around the world – and had its production license withdrawn until the incidents were clarified.

A statement from the consumer advice center does little to allay customer concerns. Consumer advocates criticize the company’s far too late warning. The “bit-to-bit information policy” is an impertinence for consumers. Because it is now clear that Ferrero was already aware in December 2021 of a salmonella infestation in the now closed factory.

Salmonella scandal at Ferrero: customers can return goods

According to the company, on December 15, during internal checks, salmonella was found in the area of ​​​​two raw material tanks. “Further investigations have shown that the salmonellae detected there have a genetic match with salmonellae from numerous disease cases in several European countries, including Germany.”

According to previously provided information to the contrary, Ferrero announced on April 7, 2022 that customers can generally return recalled products to their supermarket without a receipt. Many retail chains, including Aldi, Edeka, Lidl, Rewe and Penny, have already signaled their willingness to take back the goods. (mko)

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